Monday, December 22, 2008

Somebody, Slap Me!

I started another HUGE project last night. A Spiderman Round Ripple. I have been wanting to make one of these. And, I have had the yarn for about a week or two, now. Yesterday I was not feeling well at all. I think we got a bug, here. (Just my oldest son and I, so far...) I didn't feel like doing much (I even took a nap). But I started this guy. :-D I think it is pretty cool. I have a feeling our 11 yr old will want one, too. Although now that we rented Iron Man, that's all they can talk about. (Before that, same day, even, it was Indiana Jones!!) I can't keep up.... I think Spiderman is one of those they always like, though... And I can see how everyone on Crochetville says round rippples are so addictive!! This is my second one in ?? less than two months, I think!! I started the Granny Star Afghan on Oct 30th and finished it either the 14th or 15th of November. That took less than a month. (I would have been done sooner, if I had the yarn to finish it with, too.) We'll see how long this one takes. :-D

I usually don't talk about my family on here.... But, I am really worried about my Dad. He is a dysfunctional alcoholic (well, aren't they all?) Sigh... He *lost* his job over a month ago, and has been on a bender (long drunk) ever since. I don't know all the details about his job, or anything else (I guess that living so far away has it's benefits...). But I have learned that he gets up in the morning and starts drinking whiskey right away. (Not beer, mind you, he goes straight for the whiskey, now...)The whole family is worried that he will drink himself to death. He also has an aneurysm on his heart which could explode at any time, if he is not taking his meds/drinking on top of them.... I called him and told him he needs to go to the doctor. I didn't really say 'why', but he probably knew... I don't know what else I can do. He has to stop because he wants to, no one can make him. They could have him committed (but I know no one will-- don't get me started on that...) Sigh... Maybe I should start planning a trip out there... for his funeral. :(

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