Friday, December 29, 2006

Turtle Float Pals

Here's another thing I finished up today. Turtle Float Pals. :) They are turtle soap holders. I got the pattern in the February 2007 issue of Crochet World. If you decide to make this, there is a problem with row 14. I tried re-crocheting it like three times. I thought it was *just me*. But, it isn't. I looked at the picture and did it the way it looked. And wala, when I did rows 15 & 16, it worked perfectly. I emailed the editor. I haven't heard back from them. I was hoping I might get a job out of the whole ordeal. You know, an editing job. LOL... Oh well I can dream can't I? Hee Hee. Anyway I think they are really cute. I want to make one for my Grandma's bathroom in lavender. But I have to get some lavender thread first... So I thought I would try out the pattern first for my own bathroom. Guess which one goes better in my bathroom? ;)


Lynn / vigilant20 said...

Those are super cute!

Tina said...

Hi Lynn! Thanks so much for stopping by and for the compliment. Our son has already taken the turtle into the tub with him. It turned into an alligator. (I think he likes it.) ;)