Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Dora Bag is Completely Finished! Woo Hoo!

For all you who were wondering what the inside/back looked like (of Dora)... It's a mess. :) Here it is with the ends all woven in as best I could.
Then, I had to buy, wash, dry, and iron the fabric. That took a while, because I bought the fabric. Then washed and dried it. Went to iron it.... Ugh! There is black stuff all over the iron. So then I brushed it off the fabric. Got out my cleaning gloves, sponge with a scrubby side... tried to scrub off all the black stuff.... Oi... "Honey, we need a new iron...." (I knew he just got a little extra money from his boss... hee hee...) So finally get the new iron (it's great!) and iron the fabric.... Ugh! I know I have hot pink thread in this sewing basket somewhere.... nope... So back to the store I go. Might as well see if they have snaps, too. If I'm going to put a lining in, it might as well be really nice.... Well here it is all sewed in. I am not the best at sewing. But I think it looks pretty nice. (Especially for a three and a half year old!!) :D My husband said 'That's pretty good.' (Insert rolling eyes into the back of the head smiley here....) I just looked at him.... Ahem.... 'I think it's the best thing you've ever done'.... :D Actually not to toot my own horn, but I am pretty impressed with it, too. And thanks to Mary Jo~ I wouldn't have been able to do it at all if she hadn't helped me! :D

Here's the goodies I am putting inside... Two Dora coloring books (one is paints). Crayons. (I love brand new crayons.) Two sticker sets... I got the Princess ones then later found some Dora ones...

Dora Underoos!! WOO HOO! The only thing is; they are size 2T-3T. I hope they will fit her... :/ Then, the cell phone I posted about a while back, with the cell phone tote... and a ($1) pink bear, and a 'I bet you're proud' card.... I hope this is a big enough 'Big Sister' gift. (I think it is, and more...) I hardly ever buy her anything, so I guess this is good enough. I still have to wrap it all and put it in the box and send it... (Back to the store I go.... no wrapping paper, either...) ;p


Lucy said...

Tina, love the those turtles in the last post. And the Dora Bag...well that is just awesome!!! What a lucky little girl. Hey, send me your email to and I can give you the directions for the snow effects and some other cool stuff. Also...I'm interested in the cross stitch books!

Mimi said...

That bag is so neat and pretty, Tina! And the goodies are wonderful, your niece would be quite spoiled with your gift ;)

Tina said...

Hi Lucy and Mimi! Thank you for visiting. I finally sent it all out yesterday in the mail. I hope they will all like it. I worked a long time on it. I think I actually worked more on the Dora bag (it was more of a mental challenge) than I did on the baby afghan for her brother.

Well I suppose I'll see what they say about it in a week or so... :)