Wednesday, December 20, 2006

More Cell Phone Pouches!

They are so addictive! I have made these all just 2:36 pm in the afternoon. It is 4:32 pm now. That is how fast they work up. I first made the pink one on the lef,t for my niece (last post). Then I made another pink one. Then our four year old wanted one for his phone (I got him a 'Cars' phone, just like his cousins'.) That was the second one from the right. But he didn't like the handle. He wanted two handles. ???? Ever meet a four year old who knows exactly what he wants? So I had to make him another one with two handles. (Thank goodness he hasn't noticed it is one row shorter than the other ones! Cuz I ran out of yarn...) Then, last but not least, I made the green one. I decided to do a row of fun fur on the last row. It's my favorite one. I put my phone in it, and it is mine. :D I would like to make some more with fun fur, too. I only have this color though, and a dark green. These are great 'instant gratification' projects. And a great last minute gift. (Don't know if I said that in my last post???)


Vik said...

Hi Tina! These are a great gift idea! I did similar ones (but knitted) for my friends and they love them!

Tina said...

Hi Vik! Thanks for stopping by. I haven't knitted anything in a long time since I keep visiting 'Crochetville' every day... ;) I should go check out knitting pattern central, huh?