Sunday, June 28, 2015

Mom's Shawl

I finished my Mom's shawl yesterday. That went pretty fast. :P  I still want to wash it and get a gift bag for it...  It's the Evening Shawl. The site was not working yesterday, but seems to be up today...  This is the third (or fourth?) one I've done with this pattern. I don't think I finished the first one (if it was this pattern, I don't think it was- but it seems to be the same name..).  It looks like it was almost done in the picture, though. I don't remember what I did with it, if I did finish it. Anyway~~  I hope she will like it. I had five skeins of Wool-Ease in black, so I made it in black.  (She said either black or white.)  

I told myself I would start a bear when I finished my Mom's shawl. (I have to make these deals with myself... Lol) Actually I have ADHD when it comes to starting (and *not* finishing) new projects. So...  that's why I said that. :P  I joined a new group on Ravelry, the Mother Bear Project. I sent in my $5 for the crochet pattern. And I got it in the mail a while back.  This is my first bear..    I used to really love crocheting bears. But I got burned out. Or just lost interest. Well recently I have gotten my "Bear Making Mojo" back. :P  And thought I would put it to good use, with the Mother Bear Project.  

I made a cake last night.  I saw a video for The Lazy Wife's cake on the Breaking Amish page on facebook.  (Sheesh..)  It kind of reminds me of the Wacky Cake I have made before.  But, there is a sauce that goes with this recipe.  

Here is the finished cake. I think I made a mistake and added 1 1/2 cups water to the recipe (instead of one cup).  But it still turned out (it is really moist though, lol).  And. my sauce didn't seem to thicken very much and seemed grainy to me.  Maybe I just didn't brown the butter enough, or cook it long enough?  But...   by the time you add it all together, you don't really notice.  I think you should at least have the sauce warm (mine I put in the fridge and it seemed to get a hardened layer of butter on the top..)  I re-heated it, and it was okay...    Here is a link to the Cooking Amish page I found the recipe from. It's the Lazy Wife's Cake video.. #2

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Summer Crocheting..

I got some buttons and sewed them on the sweater I posted about before.  It looks a lot better in real life. I love this little sweater.  I will probably make a hat and some little mittens to go with it. Maybe some booties too. 

Since the sweater I was just talking about was too big for the OB Ward, I made this one. It is the Twin Stitch Set Sweater pattern. And I love this one, too. I think this might be my new favorite Go-To pattern.  (It also looks better in real life.)

I started a shawl for my Mom two days ago.  It's the Evening Shawl, just like the other two I made.  (For some reason the site is not up.) I'm using Lion Brand Wool-Ease in 153 Black.  :P   I had five skeins for another project (which I never started/lost interest for a long time ago).  She said either black or white. Sooo...  since I had so many skeins of black, I decided to do it in black. I just need really good lighting when I work on it. Lol

I also joined a CAL on Facebook. :P Yes, Facebook.  Lol.   It's for a summer purse.  I kind of got burned out on purses, but I really like this one.  Here is the link to the blog post.  I haven't decided what color I want to do it in. I will have to go buy some yarn, I think...

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Bad Dog

This first picture doesn't have anything to do with dogs. :P  But, I finished the sweater I posted yesterday. I was going to go get some buttons for it, so I could send it out with the other two. But when I measured it I realized it is way too big for the OB Unit. So, I will put it in the OST pile and get buttons next time I get up to Hobby Lobby. It is a sweet sweater. But there were a million ends to weave in..

I think I am going to take a break from making things for the babies.  They still need a bunch this month. But...  The only thing I knit or crochet for is the babies. I can't do it all. And,  I need to start my Mom's shawl I promised her. Like three months ago. O.o

I can't remember if I posted about Duke going into Eons' room and peeing.   :/   He has done it at least three times that we know of (since we moved here, not all in one week or anything.)  I don't know what the deal is. Because he loves Eon.    Either, 1. Eons' room is such a mess, Duke thinks that's a good place to go pee.  (Doubt this one.) 2. He's marking his boy. (This one seems likely, he does go outside and "mark" all his spots every time he goes out. If a dog comes through our yard, or a deer, when I do let him out, he has to go mark his territory. ) 3. It's a dominance thing?   I have no idea...   But it's either #2, or he is just zoning in on Eons' room because that door is open... Which doesn't make sense because he doesn't pee in our room, or Eli's room either.   Anyway, I have been cleaning the carpet in there (with spot/scent remover), getting rid of things that were peed on...  Finding more pee...  UGH....   Eon cleaned his room and vacuumed in there. I might still rent a carpet cleaner or get stuff to use the Kirby and do it myself.  Oh yeah, and we threw his old futon mattress out too. Yeah....   A new futon mattress costs almost as much as a whole new futon.  But...   Here is his "new" bed.  Walmart didn't have futon mattress in the store. So we went to Big Lots. They were more expensive. But, also a little thicker/better/more comfy than the old one.   So the new "rule" is Eon has to keep his bedroom door closed.  (Sigh...)

So sweet. So innocent...     Other than the peeing in Eons' room, we haven't really had any other real problems with Duke.  I think getting him fixed might solve all the issues that we do have with him: Super hyper/ADHD dog, tends to get a little bit too aggressive with Jetta sometimes. They always "fight", but it's not really fighting, it's dog playing.  But see that orange toy on the pillow? If Jetta comes by him sometimes [not always], he acts like he wants to kill her. I take it away, and tell him NO!!! But...      Sigh...  It's like having two furry (smelly) toddlers with teeth and claws. I swear..

Monday, June 22, 2015

I am still here...   Just not blogging lately. I got some awesome mail goodies to post about. From a new pen pal in the U.K. :D   I love how she decorated the envelope. So fun. 

Here are the goodies she sent! I love her calligraphy (?) on the card envelope, too. I used to do calligraphy, but it's been so long..  She sent card making goodies (LOVE), pencils, paper, an AWESOME keychain, from the actual Downton Abbey castle (where they film the show)!!!! How absolutely cool is that!? And some mint candy that I wanted to save for a special day, but... could not wait. :P

And this is the card she sent, which is Van Gogh. (Love Van Gogh, too.)  I love everything, so if you read my blog, thank you again Natasha!!

I am still knitting and crocheting too. (And baking. But I don't have any baking pictures today..)  This is a purple sweater/hat set for the OB Unit on Pine Ridge..   Just like the green one I did. I guess I never blogged about that one.. Hmm.

A bumblebee sack with matching outfit...  Also for the OB Unit.  These are all for the OB Unit since that's all I seem to knit/crochet for any more..

Another purple sweater with mittens set. I didnt make hats or booties for these since they are good in that category for now.  I just love the little buttons. I put them in the picture so you can see them better.

A hexagon no holes sweater with no collar.

And, a new sweater pattern I am trying. From a UK site, Just Crochet. I think you have to sign up for the emails... I love this sweater. But. There are a million ends to weave in.  Im on the first sleeve right now. And trying to work over each one of the ends. Sigh...   Slow going. But, I won't have ends to weave in later.  I wanted to do the three different colors: Light blue, navy blue, and brown. But, I could not find any sport weight navy blue yarn here. So I'm just doing two colors.

I made some "Copycat Lemonade Blueberry Pancakes from IHOP" for my husband yesterday for Father's Day breakfast.  I have no idea what the actual pancakes taste like. But, I hate going out to eat. So I tried making some myself. I just made pancakes and threw some blueberries in the batter. Then made lemon instant pudding for the "lemonade, and blueberries on top with powdered sugar.  And syrup on them. They were good. Glad we didnt waste $30 going to IHOP to get some though...  (They're not that good. Lol.)

Monday, June 08, 2015

Random Things

I have made a couple of the Birthday cards now. And they have both been mailed. Then I thought, "I could do any sentiment with this design.."  So, I did.  :P   This was the last of that ribbon. So I will have to use something else to make any more of these.  Trying to think of different color/combos to do, too. I have lavender, light blue, light green, and light pink card stock and envelopes.  Not sure the green would work at all..   I'll have to think about it.  

I finally bought some flowers. I have been wanting some forever.  I don't have any of my pots- that it took my whole life to acquire. :(  We sold them at one of our three garage sales before we moved here.  So I had to buy the pot and the potting soil and flowers...     I love petunias. I don't think I've ever gotten two colored ones before.  I am hoping these will fill out. There were six little flower pods (?).  

And then later we went to Lowe's, and I got some Impatients. And a new stand. Yay!!! I love impatients..    I wanted to get some Clematis. But I don't have a trellis or anything for it to grow onto right now, so...  I just got another pot of flowers for the back deck.   I hope to see butterflies now.  :)  And enjoy sitting on my back deck more often..
My summer project is the back deck. More flowers, and maybe some wind chimes, and a patio set.  I wanted to go to a yard sale yesterday. But we had zero cash on us, so...  :(

I took a break from crocheting (or knitting) baby things.  I wanted to just do something fun.  The only thing I felt like making was this.  I had wanted to keep the one I made for Eon's teacher. And I love the Monet yarn. I only had a ball plus a partial (not very much) skein. But I had enough. You can see how much I still have, too. :P

Duke was "helping" me clean the kids' bathroom the other day.  :P  He's my buddy.

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

I've Been Making Cards Again..

Well, technically; I've only actually made one card. But, I'm still in the mood. So that counts, right? :P  I was going to just go buy a Birthday card. But, the kids were still asleep. And I was feeling creative. I thought, "By the time they get up and ready to go, I could have a card done."  Ha ha ha.....   Best laid plans. Well I got it all cut out and stamped and cornered and colored.  But....   I was completely out of double-sided tape.  UGH!!! Go to make a card to save money, but you have to go get more supplies....   Sigh....    So, I just wrote inside the card, and lettered the enveleope. Then the kids got up and I was able to go to the store and get more double-sided tape.   I had about one hundred ideas for cards in my head. But....   This is what I came up with. 

I took this picture so you can see the 3-D butterfly. :D   I thought it looked like a garden gate, with a butterfly on it.  Not like the card I had copied it from. This is the card I was trying to copy.  (The Happy Birthday card in the top row, in the middle.) But the scalloped punch was too small for the butterfly I had. So....  I improvised.

My Mom gave me this punch a while ago. This is the first time I have used it. I used my corner punch to round the corners.  

You can see my "Helpers", who are always under my feet.  :P  Jetta wanted to get in the picture.

The butterfly stamps. You can see how much smaller the scalloped punch is. 

Mama, I think I need a treat...   It's about that time.

I didn't realize I had so many Washi Tape rolls! I bought the two purple ones today, when I got the double-sided tape. They are addictive. I think I have a couple more rolls, somewhere..

I also finished a baby afghan for the OB Unit...

The color is offf in this picture. Its more like the first picture..