Monday, June 08, 2015

Random Things

I have made a couple of the Birthday cards now. And they have both been mailed. Then I thought, "I could do any sentiment with this design.."  So, I did.  :P   This was the last of that ribbon. So I will have to use something else to make any more of these.  Trying to think of different color/combos to do, too. I have lavender, light blue, light green, and light pink card stock and envelopes.  Not sure the green would work at all..   I'll have to think about it.  

I finally bought some flowers. I have been wanting some forever.  I don't have any of my pots- that it took my whole life to acquire. :(  We sold them at one of our three garage sales before we moved here.  So I had to buy the pot and the potting soil and flowers...     I love petunias. I don't think I've ever gotten two colored ones before.  I am hoping these will fill out. There were six little flower pods (?).  

And then later we went to Lowe's, and I got some Impatients. And a new stand. Yay!!! I love impatients..    I wanted to get some Clematis. But I don't have a trellis or anything for it to grow onto right now, so...  I just got another pot of flowers for the back deck.   I hope to see butterflies now.  :)  And enjoy sitting on my back deck more often..
My summer project is the back deck. More flowers, and maybe some wind chimes, and a patio set.  I wanted to go to a yard sale yesterday. But we had zero cash on us, so...  :(

I took a break from crocheting (or knitting) baby things.  I wanted to just do something fun.  The only thing I felt like making was this.  I had wanted to keep the one I made for Eon's teacher. And I love the Monet yarn. I only had a ball plus a partial (not very much) skein. But I had enough. You can see how much I still have, too. :P

Duke was "helping" me clean the kids' bathroom the other day.  :P  He's my buddy.


paula said...

I love "petunies" as my aunt used to call them. It seems like there are so many more color cariations every year.

House #2 was the one I fell in love with. I think it may be the one we go with. But, then again, for $22,000 less we could afford to add a fence and aclothes line.

But, I think the attached garage will be high on the list, as we think about growing older.

But, then again, we have already talked about adding a "Florida/SunRoom" to #1 to connect the house and garage.

Tina said...

Will you be able to take a trip out there to help you decide? Maybe that would help..

Mimi said...

The flowers are so pretty, Tina!
I bet your back deck will be very beautiful :)