Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Bad Dog

This first picture doesn't have anything to do with dogs. :P  But, I finished the sweater I posted yesterday. I was going to go get some buttons for it, so I could send it out with the other two. But when I measured it I realized it is way too big for the OB Unit. So, I will put it in the OST pile and get buttons next time I get up to Hobby Lobby. It is a sweet sweater. But there were a million ends to weave in..

I think I am going to take a break from making things for the babies.  They still need a bunch this month. But...  The only thing I knit or crochet for is the babies. I can't do it all. And,  I need to start my Mom's shawl I promised her. Like three months ago. O.o

I can't remember if I posted about Duke going into Eons' room and peeing.   :/   He has done it at least three times that we know of (since we moved here, not all in one week or anything.)  I don't know what the deal is. Because he loves Eon.    Either, 1. Eons' room is such a mess, Duke thinks that's a good place to go pee.  (Doubt this one.) 2. He's marking his boy. (This one seems likely, he does go outside and "mark" all his spots every time he goes out. If a dog comes through our yard, or a deer, when I do let him out, he has to go mark his territory. ) 3. It's a dominance thing?   I have no idea...   But it's either #2, or he is just zoning in on Eons' room because that door is open... Which doesn't make sense because he doesn't pee in our room, or Eli's room either.   Anyway, I have been cleaning the carpet in there (with spot/scent remover), getting rid of things that were peed on...  Finding more pee...  UGH....   Eon cleaned his room and vacuumed in there. I might still rent a carpet cleaner or get stuff to use the Kirby and do it myself.  Oh yeah, and we threw his old futon mattress out too. Yeah....   A new futon mattress costs almost as much as a whole new futon.  But...   Here is his "new" bed.  Walmart didn't have futon mattress in the store. So we went to Big Lots. They were more expensive. But, also a little thicker/better/more comfy than the old one.   So the new "rule" is Eon has to keep his bedroom door closed.  (Sigh...)

So sweet. So innocent...     Other than the peeing in Eons' room, we haven't really had any other real problems with Duke.  I think getting him fixed might solve all the issues that we do have with him: Super hyper/ADHD dog, tends to get a little bit too aggressive with Jetta sometimes. They always "fight", but it's not really fighting, it's dog playing.  But see that orange toy on the pillow? If Jetta comes by him sometimes [not always], he acts like he wants to kill her. I take it away, and tell him NO!!! But...      Sigh...  It's like having two furry (smelly) toddlers with teeth and claws. I swear..


paula said...

Is Eons room the furthest from the living area? Indy used to do this in the basement. When we started keeoing the basement door closed, she stopped doing it.

However, she did pee on the rug when we were home on vacation. She went in the room that was farthest from the living area.

Tina said...

Yes, it is the farthest. And yesterday he peed in the laundry room (since we've been keeping Eons' door closed) which is farthest on the other side of the house. I don't know what the problem is. But we got him a new toy (we got it for both dogs, but he claimed it) that squeaks (the one in the picture) and both dogs have been acting weird/acting out since then. So we have taken the toy away. We'll see if the "behavior" stops..