Monday, June 22, 2015

I am still here...   Just not blogging lately. I got some awesome mail goodies to post about. From a new pen pal in the U.K. :D   I love how she decorated the envelope. So fun. 

Here are the goodies she sent! I love her calligraphy (?) on the card envelope, too. I used to do calligraphy, but it's been so long..  She sent card making goodies (LOVE), pencils, paper, an AWESOME keychain, from the actual Downton Abbey castle (where they film the show)!!!! How absolutely cool is that!? And some mint candy that I wanted to save for a special day, but... could not wait. :P

And this is the card she sent, which is Van Gogh. (Love Van Gogh, too.)  I love everything, so if you read my blog, thank you again Natasha!!

I am still knitting and crocheting too. (And baking. But I don't have any baking pictures today..)  This is a purple sweater/hat set for the OB Unit on Pine Ridge..   Just like the green one I did. I guess I never blogged about that one.. Hmm.

A bumblebee sack with matching outfit...  Also for the OB Unit.  These are all for the OB Unit since that's all I seem to knit/crochet for any more..

Another purple sweater with mittens set. I didnt make hats or booties for these since they are good in that category for now.  I just love the little buttons. I put them in the picture so you can see them better.

A hexagon no holes sweater with no collar.

And, a new sweater pattern I am trying. From a UK site, Just Crochet. I think you have to sign up for the emails... I love this sweater. But. There are a million ends to weave in.  Im on the first sleeve right now. And trying to work over each one of the ends. Sigh...   Slow going. But, I won't have ends to weave in later.  I wanted to do the three different colors: Light blue, navy blue, and brown. But, I could not find any sport weight navy blue yarn here. So I'm just doing two colors.

I made some "Copycat Lemonade Blueberry Pancakes from IHOP" for my husband yesterday for Father's Day breakfast.  I have no idea what the actual pancakes taste like. But, I hate going out to eat. So I tried making some myself. I just made pancakes and threw some blueberries in the batter. Then made lemon instant pudding for the "lemonade, and blueberries on top with powdered sugar.  And syrup on them. They were good. Glad we didnt waste $30 going to IHOP to get some though...  (They're not that good. Lol.)

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Mimi said...

Nice goodies...I like her calligraphy too :)
As always, cute baby sets - you make them so fast Tina!
Your blueberry pancakes look yummy...There's IHop here too, I tried once and didn't think they're great...for the price :p