Friday, July 02, 2010

A Q-tip Cozy :P

I have been visiting a lot of blogs (besides Ravelry and Crochetville) lately... (Not a good idea for me, who already has WAAAAAY too many projects she needs to finish.) Anyway, I saw a cute little Q-tip holder someone just made up and posted on their blog. I HAD to try one. I had been wanting to make one for our kids' bathroom, anyway. They keep all their Q-tips in the cabinet (same place the toothpaste is... Sigh..). So, I made this this morning. (I haven't even taken a shower yet... lazy.. ) Excuse the flyswatter on the floor :P (Every time I sit down at the computer, flies come find me grrr!! The windows are right by the computer, and they seem to like the windows?... Anyway~~) So, she said to cut a toilet paper roll tube so I thought this is what she meant. I cut four slits and folded them down and hot glued them.
With the Q-tips inside.
And, the finished Q-tip holder/cozy. :D I guess I should have used a burgundy stripe instead of red. It matches my kitchen colors more than their bathroom, but... I don't have any burgundy. So. Red it is. :P I love making useful things out of "nothing". :D
Don't ask me why I made a matching bathroom accessory for towels that look like this:
(It didn't look so bad folded up..) I don't know if you can see the bleached out spots (lower left side), and the totally frayed edges!! (It looks worse in RL..) I just bought these towels for the older son's bathroom (back when we had THREE bathrooms-UGH..), when we moved to Nevada (three years ago this November). I don't know WHAT he does to his towels. I had towels we got for our wedding, that didn't look this bad!!
It was just a few years ago I turned them into rags. (My husband and I have been married 18 years this month, btw, so you can tell how long the towels have lasted.. :P) Anyway. Yes I talk a lot about nothing. I told my son when he moves out, his housewarming gift is going to be taking the "new" towels I bought him~ that he's ruined already~ with him. (Mean Mom...) ^~^ I'm so mean, I made him a matching Q-tip holder to go with his crappy towels.. :P Anyway. I hope you all have a safe weekend!! Oh! Here is the link to the pattern for the Q-tip holder, at Melissa's blog; "Crazy Crafting Cat Lady" (going to have to add her blog in my sidebar): Cue-Tip Holder I meant to add, I just did a row of backwards sc around the top edge. Kind of similar to my Hamster Tube I just did.. Just realized that. :P


Vik said...

Cute cozy!

Alicia said...

Cute idea! I should make some for my boys bathroom...Thankx for the inspirations!