Thursday, July 22, 2010

A New Blog... And Some Cards We Have Made

Well I changed my blog... "Updated" it so I could add the follower button. I have NO idea what I am doing, so I probably just made a big mess of my blog. :( Now I am going to have to go back in and add all my blog buttons in my sidebar again cuz they all disappeared. Sigh... I like the new background though it looks a lot cuter. :) Anyway~~ I am not feeling well. I think all the stress I have been under wore me down and I got a virus. (Who knows...) Yesterday and today I feel yucky. After I finish this post I think I am going to go lay back down. But I wanted to show the cards I have made, and the kids, too. This one is from "Simply Beautiful Greeting Cards" by Heidi Boyd. I need to get that book someday. I saved my "templates" of the tea cup, saucer, and handle and wing the rest from what I remember. Then I added the flowers & brads, and the glitter edge to the top of the cup.

You can see the glitter a little better in this picture:
Maybe if you click on it, you can.. It fits two tea bags. (Can you guess what my new favorite tea is?... :P) In fact, chai tea sounds good right now... My throat hurts. :(
On the inside, I was thinking about doing a "Thinking of You" stamp. But, I didn't want to mess up what I already had done. (I usually do any stamping first, that way if I mess up, I can start a new one..) Then I remembered my Calligraphy book that I have had like since our 18 year old was a baby... I haven't done calligraphy in years!... So, I kind of did it in pencil first, as a guide; then with the calligraphy marker. (I need a new one, mine is almost dried out..)

Then I wanted to do a turtle card, for someone. But... I don't have anything "turtle", at all. So, I asked Eli (the 13 year old) if he would PLEEEEEASE draw me a picture of a turtle?... So, he did. Then I said, "Can you draw a beach, and water, underneath the turtle?" :P This is what he did. He gave it to me and said "Now you owe me $75." Ha ha!! I laughed, and said "Here's some clean clothes, how about that?" (I just finished folding a bunch of laundry while I was waiting...) I did tell him thank you, though. He used to LOVE drawing, and is really good at it. But he has gotten away from it for a long time. So I always try to get him to draw me things. :P He was accepted at his old school (when he was in 4th grade) out of the whole school, him and one other kid, to go to an Art School. But, we couldn't afford it. :( I wish we could have. And now he "doesn't like to draw..." I hope he is just going through a phase, and will pick it back up again.
This is what I did to the envelope. My Aunt had sent me a letter one time, with an owl "thumbody" on the back of it. I LOVED it!! It was so cute. (I stole her idea..)
And, last, but not least! This is a card Eon made for Rhino. Yes, the hamster. :P It's so funny. He made this card for him the same day Mia had her babies. ("You're a father, Rhino!".. :P Of course, we didn't know til later that night..) Weird coincidence. (He should have made one for Mia, huh?) Anyway, these are some of the stickers that Marsha had sent me. He put some other rodent friends on there, and flowers on the other side. (My husband brought me some roses that day for our anniversary, maybe that's what the flowers are all about...)
A close-up of the stickers..

He made a little "couch" on the bed with all his blankets, and some friends for Rhino, and gave him his card... :P "Oh. A card for me?... Wait, is this a treat to eat, in here?..." LOL He was trying to eat the flowers..
I hope one of the babies (at least one-- Eli thinks she had 12 babies!!! I don't know how he can tell. They are all inside the wheel, and they all just kind of blend in together, to me..) First he said 10, then 11, no 10, then 12... So, we'll see when they get bigger (and out of the wheel!~ Hopefully soon). They are going to be too big to stay in there, for long. I think she is just "protecting them" right now. Which is probably a good thing. Shows she is a good mama. :) I just hope they all survive. That is a lot of baby hamsters, esp. for a first litter! And a Dwarf Hamster!!! :0 Oh, I forgot my first sentence. (See?) I hope at least one of the babies is a long haired boy. I just love Rhino, he's so friendly. Mia, too. But I want a long haired one. (They never have long haired ones at the Pet Store by us, and anyway now we have enough to choose from..) I am still trying to get a good picture of the babies, so stay tuned for that... Til next time~~


Mimi said...

The cards are super cute!
I love the new look of your blog too ;) I'm so afraid of doing the same to my blog, I don't know what will get lost in the sidebar if I redesign it.

Tina said...

Thanks Mimi. Yes, everything that was in my sidebar is lost. :( And I don't know how to get it back. (Sigh.) I don't know what I was thinking?..