Saturday, July 17, 2010

Another Bear, and Sweater Progress...

I crocheted another of Becky's Crochet Teddies. I made this one bigger though. For the legs, I chained 11 instead of what the pattern said. Then did 12 rows instead of what the pattern said. Then, 12 rows of the body. Ch 11 for the arms, and did 8 rows. Then 30 rows for the head. I did a patchwork bear. :) My 7 year old said he doesn't like him. (I guess that's good, then he won't want to keep him, anyway).
Well, maybe some little kid might like him. I'm sending it (along with the bears in my last post) to the yahoo group I mentioned.

(I think he's cute.)
And I guess I got over not knowing what to do about the sweater. I looked up a bunch of different size four sweater patterns (mostly knit, but I thought it would still be the same no matter if it's crocheted or knit). Some were even bigger than this one. So... I decided to just keep going with it. (Even though I ripped a lot out.) It didn't take me long to catch back up. I really like this sweater so maybe that's why. Did the neck shaping on both sides.. The back is done.

And, started and finished the left front side! I took this at night, so it's not the greatest picture...
I meant to post about a tray I bought at the Goodwill a couple weeks ago. I've been trying to do things that I used to like doing. (Going to the Goodwill and just looking, is one of those things.) I made tea one night in a big teapot for my husband and I, to bring into our bedroom. (He was watching tv in there.) I put a towel on a baking pan for a tray. :P I thought, "I should see if I can't find a nice tray somewhere". I don't know if this is a "tea tray" or not. But. It works better than a cookie sheet with a towel on it. It's not exactly apples, or roosters. But I still really like it. Our 7 year old was with us, and he got a "mini" Lava Lamp that says Las Vegas on it. :P That's what he wanted.
I hope everyone is having a nice weekend. I'm feeling a little better than I was in my last post (which was earlier today, and off and on for the past two or three weeks..) Maybe I am going through something. I don't know. I usually don't talk about what I am feeling, on my blog. But.. I don't have any friends here at all. We've lived here for almost three years now. Well~ Til next time... :)


Mimi said...

That's a nice tray Tina, something I would pick too ;)
I love the embroidered faces of the bears you made, you are so good at making them :)
If you're still feeling sick or something, maybe you need to get a check-up...and you need to have a health regimen to follow, allowing for enough rest/sleep and discarding processed foods and making your home more 'natural'. (I avoid using perfumed stuff and chemical cleaners.)
Finding a better place to live might be a solution, though moving again could be stressful...but if its worth it, you should give it a lot of thought.

Vik said...

Isn´t it amazing how yarn can turn into such a cute bear!? Lovely.

I hope you´re feeling better soon.

Alicia said...

I think your bear is cute. And good find on the tray! Whenever I go to the thrift stores to look for a particular thing I either a)don't find anything of interest or b)find all sorts of stuff I don't really need but end up getting anyway!

One of your other posts says that you are in Nevada....I am too. With the heat it sounds like you are closer to Vegas?? I'm in Elko. Thankfully it's barely hit the 100's, the heat just drains any energy I thought of having!
I'm like you too, with 500 projects started/going at the same time. And then you see something cute and "just have to make one of those!". My goal has been to finish at least one thing before I start anything new. It's working, kinda :) LOL
Hope you're having a good Monday!

Tina said...

Mimi~ Hi. :) Well I have been staying away from perfumy things (gives me a headache). And for my diet I try to stay away from anything w/ gluten in it. So I have to make everything from scratch (sometimes it's hard when we go out to eat and stuff).. I should probably cut down my caffeine too. (Coffee..) Mostly I am just stressed right now, I think..

Hi Vik! That's what I love about crocheting & kmitting, turning a 'string' into something beautiful. :)

Hi Alicia. No we are in Pahrump. We lived in Las Vegas for a year. (Hated it.)

Thanks for stopping by, everyone. :)