Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mickey Mouse Pancakes & A New Project I Started

I have talked about Mickey Mouse pancakes before, I think. :P Almost every time I make pancakes, I make some for the youngest son. This time I actually took pictures of them. This is our new griddle. Which I love. And I'm glad my husband bought this. Right afterwards, one of our pans had to be thrown away. So I have used this instead, quite a bit.. For grilled cheese sandwiches, and stuff..

Here are the finished pancakes. I make a bunch (regular, not Mickey) each time so I can freeze them and then they can have pancakes whenever they want for breakfast. (Until they are all gone, of course..)
And, I started ANOTHER project!! Ugh... But this time, someone asked me to make their daughter a sweater. So, I am doing it for them. But, (and the reason I said "ugh") even though I am right on for my gauge, it's turning out to be the same measurements as the size 6. (I need to make a size 4--and I *was* making the size 4 pattern...). So... Now I have to find another pattern, and figure out/buy new yarn...

I really like this sweater. Now I don't know what to do. Maybe I should just get some more of the same yarn (in a different color maybe? She likes purple and pink.. Maybe I could just get pink) and make the same pattern, but use smaller hooks? I'm so confused... :(

Look, I am almost done with the whole back! (Well I wasn't in this picture, but I am now.) I just need to do the neck shaping.
What do you think? It's a pattern by Melissa Leapman. I saw another cute pattern I want to do on Ravelry, but I would have to get that book... It looks kind of similar to the sweater I am doing, don't ya think? I went to the library today, to see if they had any good crochet books. (Yeah, right~~ Not this library!...) I kinda wanted to make a hoodie/button-up sweater. [The little girl-who incidentally is my Great Niece?-- She's my niece's daughter. So that would make me her "Great" Aunt? Even though I am only 40... Now I feel so old.. :( Anyway, she lives in the U.P. in Michigan (U.P. stands for Upper Peninsula, and it gets cold up there!)] I have a child's hoodie pattern in an older magazine I have. But it calls for Bernat Satin. I tried doing the gauge with Red Heart, and it felt awful. So. I don't know what I am going to do. I thought I had it all figured it out.. ;) And, I want to get it done in time for Fall. So I don't have much time. I should work on some of my other projects, until I figure it out/can go somewhere to get yarn.. It's too hot to go outside and do anything, that's for sure.. Well, back to work I guess... ;)

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