Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Squares for Afghans

In my last post I mentioned an afghan I have been working on. I should have said "squares" for an afghan I have been working on. My husband's Aunt (who lives in Canada) writes me and she sent me a picture (drawing) of an afghan she was working on. (She later sent me a picture of it.. Duh~ I should have posted it here. Oh well. Maybe later, when mine is done..) I wanted to make one, too. :P (For Pine Ridge Indian Reservation) Every fall there is a blanket drive. I figured if I start some now, I might actually have some done by fall to send... Anyway, I had been meaning to make an afghan for every person I send things to there. I have two elders, and one teenage girl. I also send things to two grandkids of one of the elders. (She is raising them, so...) They are called elders on the reservation. I think it is just a respectful way of talking about the elderly. Anyway~~ This is what I had done. But, I have been working on it (them`the squares..) a lot. And this is the picture I took yesterday.
I am even farther than this now, though.. I have all but three of the yellow squares edged. Then, I just have to do all the "flower" squares (the scrap one, bottom left). Then put them all together and edge the whole thing. Yay!!
I also joined a Friendshipghan CAL (?) at Crochetville. I have been looking at wishlists and noticed a lot of people that I want to send things to have these squares on their list. I didn't want any squares myself, but I joined this CAL and so now I have them on my list. Even though I don't really want them. So anyway, this is one square I have done so far. Palms Square (?) I did mine wrong. I didn't read through the whole pattern first and just got the part where it said "The square is worked without the palms" so I figured you make the square and then sew the palm tree on. ?? I am too scatterbrained or something.. Anyway, it worked out okay. :) I made mine 10 inches wide. Well, that's about all for catching up, now... I want to go do something today. I have to go to the post office, and need to go to the store to get TP; since we forgot it the other day. (Gasp!!) And I wanted to just go looking for stuff. We have a thrift store here. I used to love going to the Goodwill. And garage sales.


Paula said...

Have you ever done a "join as you go" with your squares? Since I started joining them as I made them the afghan seems to go so much faster. The piles of squares always looked so intimidating to me :0{

LOVE your palm square.


Tina said...

I am not sure if I have or not. I think I have. I am trying to get them all edged first, then I am going to just crochet them together. Thanks, Paula. :)

Mimi said...

I also love your palm tree square :)

Lucy said...

Love the Palms Square....and thanks for the Q-tip holder link in the last post!

Susan said...


How did you make that blue and white square. Let me know so I can get it.

I already have colors swirling in my mind of what the afghan will look like when I'm finished!!!

~ Susan

Vik said...

Go Tina!

Tina said...

Susan, that link has a square pattern in it, too. For mine I used a pattern from "The Harmony Guide to Crocheting Techniques and Stitches". It's called "Double Crochet Square" and is basically like a granny square. But instead of chaining and skipping, you dc in each space/stitch to the next corner. I can't seem to find anything on cpc. But you basically start out like a granny square. Then crochet across, w/ 2dc and ch 3, 2dc in each corner space. HTH :)