Saturday, July 17, 2010

I Think I Am Going Crazy!!!... :(

I have finished up a few things I had on my list. I should feel better about "my list", but I don't. I can't stop starting new projects. I already feel scatterbrained enough with everything going on around here (long story short, my husband wants to move AGAIN~ I am NOT happy about it.) Plus, I already have been feeling like I am going crazy, or something. I don't know exactly why. I can't think straight, can't concentrate. I forget stuff all the time... :( Those are just off the top of my head. I can't think straight; so I can't think of any other reasons why I feel like I'm going crazy. Beside hating it in the desert, hating this town and the whole state I live in; and school is going to start back up again in another month, and I am dreading it.. (Although I will like the peace and quiet~ besides the 18 year old being here :/ Which is another whole story in itself... Grr!!) I know I shouldn't complain. I know a lot of people have things really hard right now. Health problems, etc..

So, anyway... here are things I have finished up.. The picture above is something that wasn't on "my list"~ I saw a minion that Tampa Doll had done, on Crochetville: Manny the Minion. She just made hers up, from a picture. But someone else said there was a pattern on Ravelry for one of these. So, I looked it up and made one. I don't even know why. :/ The kids had seen one in the machine at Walmart (you know the machine where you put 50c in and the claw comes down... Or is it a dollar?), and were talking about it. So I figured they would like one. (They always like the newest toy or movie, or the newest toy from the newest movie... So..) Anyways, it's done. Mamaoso made one from the same pattern, too. Hers is on the 3rd page, I think, same thread as Tampa Dolls... Here is the direct link to the pattern for the minion. From a blog, so in case you don't have a Ravelry account.

This is a bear that I had done forever. I just had to embroider the face on it. Then I thought it looked too plain, so I embroidered a heart on it. But then I thought "A black heart? That isn't good..." (Again, what was I thinking?...) So I filled it in with red. :P It's Becky's Crochet Teddy pattern. I have started another one of these, making it bigger and all different colors.. Why??? I don't know... I'm supposed to be working on my (Great?) Niece's sweater which I frogged some of, because I was going to make it smaller; but then looked up different patterns in magazines to see what a size four should be, then decided I would just keep going with it. But now, I ripped a lot out... Ugh... What is wrong with me? :(
Here are two more Scrappy Bears. I thought this pattern was gone online forever, but I just saw it on Ravelry yesterday (looking for the above bear pattern, cuz I couldn't remember where I got it...) I love Scrappy Bears. Oh, all these bears are for the "Don't Be Afraid, I am Here" Bears group I am in on Ravelry. (It's also a Yahoo Group.) The bear on the left wasn't completely done. I had to sew on the one leg, and finish the other leg and sew it on. Then crochet the two arms and sew them on, and sew on the ears and make the little tail (it's so cute), and sew that on. Then, because all the bears you send are supposed to have a smile on them, I embroidered smiles on them. (I think they look stupid. But.. At least they are "smiling"..) The bear on the left looks ok, the bear on the right looks a little goofy.

And, here are the five hats I committed (sp?) to for the Hat Challenge at Crafting for a Cause. I am not doing any more. I wish I could but I just have way to much going on and need to start packing and dealing with all the crap that I know is ahead of us. :/ (Did I mention our landlord here is a pain to deal with?... I don't even want to deal with him..) Ugh...

It has been super hot lately. It was 114 one day this week. Today it's supposed to be 108... (I stay inside if I can.) Well, that's enough complaining for one day. :/ We should be having hamster babies this week, so stay tuned for pictures of them. :) (I hope nothing goes wrong with that!...) I hope she has at least one little long haired teddy bear hamster. I want to keep it. (The daddy is long haired, she's short haired..) :D


Alicia said...

Cute Cute Cute! I'm going to have to add a Minion to my project list! My boys will love him! Oh, then it looks like I'll be making 3, lol.

Tina said...

Ha ha, me too! (We have three boys as well..) I know for sure I am at least making one more. They work up fast though. :) Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

Hey Girl! Miss you at the Mania!!
I like your Minion.. I just had to make one and they work up quick.. I did find places to change up the pattern for the next one I make. If I make another one..
I like your bears,too. Good job!!
Mamamoso- Miss Kitty.(which ever)

Tina said...

Hi Chris! Well I was there (the Mania) the other day, I just didn't post anything. :) I have been having problems getting kicked off the board then I have to sign back in.. I saw your minion, on Tampa Doll's thread. It's so cute! Thank you for stopping by. :)