Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Recieved Another Square

..and a postcard, from Jodi. Thanks Jodi. I like the snowflake look in this one. And the colors, too. It's nice to have more brown! I was thinking, 'I wonder how many postcards I have now?' So I looked through my junk drawer (nightstand it's all junk drawers, really...) I only found about six (three or four of which were from my brother). I thought I had more. Oh well.
Here's something I have been working on... Grannies daughters. For the April challenge at CFAC. Lynn V said it takes 55 of these to make a shawl. So this is 55 grannies daughters. Enough for one whole shawl. All packed up and ready to go. I will probably not mail them til the end of the week. I have one more square to finish up for the Square a Month Swap. Then I'll be done. :( I've also been working on finger puppets. That's the second half of the April/May Challenge. So far I have five finished. I was trying to go through my blog to see the other finger puppets I've made in the past. I couldn't find any. But I did find about four in our sons' toy box. He saw all the ones I was making and wanted them. I said ('oh no!') 'You already have some, I know I made you some. Go look in your toy box.' I was the one who ended up finding them all for him. None of which he even played with. :/ The challenge is to make ten. I might make it, I am already on #6. TTFN everyone. :)

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