Saturday, April 12, 2008

Central Park Hoodie Progress!

I finished the back last night! (Yay!!) I have to block it, but I tried to get it lay out flat as possible... I am so happy. I was watching tv (monk, then Star Wars IV New Hope :P) and knitting and I didn't mess up. I measured it, and it was perfect! I couldn't believe it. Well it should have been perfect, but I always seem to mess things up... I feel like I accomplished something, and did it right, to boot. :P
Then I cast on for the left front. My five year old got up on the couch with me and was being my cuddle bunny. He said, 'Are you making this part?' and rubbed on the front of his shirt. :O A little knitter is blooming!! I said 'Yes! You're so smart!'
I actually had started another sweater last night, THIS one, by Ken Jones. My husband doesn't really like it, but I do! I saw it at Crochetville. (Of course) :P Anyway, I had some variegated that I had actually bought for the middle stripe, but.... I really don't like it. I want to take it back and get some camo. I am not a big camo girl, but I think it will work with this. It's going to be green, too. I'm using the same Frosty Green, and Dark Sage, and when I get some camo, I'll use that for the middle. Well since I couldn't work on it anymore last night, I got out my other sweater I NEED to finish, and worked on it... :D


Mimi said...

That is really looking good, the cables!

Tina said...

Thanks Mimi. :)