Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Mail Call....

I got two more things in the mail today. Another square, from gwenyvarr this time. Thank you Shannan. I think this is my last square. :( I am going to be so bummed when I don't get any mail now... I like the color in this one. If only someone could come to my house and put them all together for me now.... :P Thanks again Shannan, and everyone!
And I got a surprise giftie in the mail from Lynn S.!! Thank you Lynn (if you read my blog at all...) :P It's a cute little red hat. And I'm not even "in" the Red Hat Society. :P I was trying to figure out what it was/is.... It unrolls... I thought 'hmmm.... maybe it's just for decoration?' Then I got a huge brain storm (I need a nap now.... :P) and thought, 'Oh. Maybe it's like a hook holder?' I've seen one somewhere (probably Crochetville?) that was like that and thought 'oh I should make one of those one day.....' Well (if that is what it is, and I think it is....) now I have one! Thanks again, Lynn. :D Does anyone know/has anyone seen this hat or know where the pattern is? I'd like to make one (even though I *have* one....) It would be cute to send out for an RAOK or just for a gift for someone who crochets.... Thanks and have a great day. :)

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