Monday, January 01, 2007

2006 Crochet Projects Review ;D

I didn't realize how much I had crocheted last year until I put an album together of it all. (Only after reading this post at Crochetville, too...) I know I have done more than what is on this album, too. For instance, I made two bears that have the dress on. ;) And, there are two other things I finished that I can't put in there yet. I also have things I started that I never have finished yet... an L.A. Shrug, a granny scrapghan, and a rectangle grannyghan.... I don't even know what else... But, if you are interested in seeing everything I did in 2006, please be my guest! I don't know what I am planning to crochet in 2007, but if it is as much as I did in 2006, I'll be doing good! ;)


Mimi said...

Wow, Tina, you certainly finished a lot for 2006! I see a lot of toys, baby wear and stuff. I remember most of it, but some I think were not shown in your blog. Add to that some projects that you tested for me, which unfortunately cant be shown yet ;)
Isnt it wonderful, we've been friends for more than a year! Shared projects, watched each other blogs, shared our life, what we love and what we hate...hehe... and its only possible because of the internet. Amazing, and also when I see all your gifts, I am so grateful and always think that two years ago I wouldnt have had any of it and not even get any mail nor have any friend who shared my love for crochet and crafts. THANKS SO MUCH for a WONDERFUL YEAR, TINA!

Lynn / vigilant20 said...

That is a TON of projects to complete! Man did you ever accomplish a lot last year :)

Tina said...

Hi Mimi and Lynn! I know, I did not realize I crocheted that much all year, until I put it into an album. I don't know if I will crochet that much this year.

Thanks for visiting! :)

Lucy said...

No wonder you don't have any time to cross stitch...everything looks great!!! Thanks again for the books!!!! (check my blog for pics)