Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Grandma's Scrappy Bear

Well I searched the internet high and low last night trying to find a link that would work for the bear pattern to share with you all in case you wanted to try it, too. :( To no avail.... Then, this morning I headed on over to Crochetville to see what was happening and woolcat had found an archived link!! WOO HOO!! Thanks, woolcat! The picture doesn't show up, but maybe it is just my computer??? Here it is folks, Grandma's Scrappy Bear! Yay! I was thinking about making one of these for my nephew as a 'Big Brother' gift... What do you think? If you want to wait until I post the picture of my latest bear it looks a lot better (so far) than the other (ratty looking) one I posted... I am crocheting a lot tighter. I don't know what I was thinking before... But now that I have a few crocheted toys under my belt, one thing I have learned is that tighter is better with toys. I was used to just crocheting doilies, afghans... I didn't really pay much attention to *gauge*, either... ahem.. Someone once said about these bears, "They look like something you would see in 'Gap' "(a really nice clothing store here). So I was thinking it might be a hit with a 7 year old Spiderman loving, Gameboy playing, type kid... ??

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