Tuesday, January 02, 2007

My First Crochet Project of 2007!!

Here it is. My first little motif. I am crocheting this table runner for my SIL and her new husband as a wedding gift. He is German, and I wanted to make them something that would have some meaning to them, maybe? (I don't know if it will or not...) This table runner I found at this site about Germans from Russia . There are a bunch of doily patterns. One table runner (this one), and a tablecloth. And some history; in a museum type of way. I thought it was so interesting. But, I am a history buff; I love history. So it might not be interesting to everyone. The edges are slightly curling up on the motif..... hmmm.... I'm hoping that isn't going to be a problem later. After this project is done I will be done with my crochet obligations. (For a while anyway!) LOL But, I enjoy it.

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