Monday, January 22, 2007

I Joined the Teddy Bear CAL

at Crochetville. So I thought I would post all the teddy bears I have made. I've made two of some of these. (Like the one above.) I made one for Mimi, and one for Lene`. :) Both of whom were swap partners of mine through Crochetville in the past. :D
Well technically this isn't a teddy bear; it's a polar bear. Oh well. He wanted to get in here, too. ;p This was a pattern I tested.

Now these are some older bears I crocheted. The one above I do not have the pattern for anymore. I remember hating crocheting this one, and I am almost positive I threw the pattern out in disgust. But... I wish I had kept it now. Because I am a lot more patient with my crocheting than I was back then. And, you can see how well this bear has held up over the years! (It is about ten years old.) Especially compared to this next one:

Which is about four years old... This is another one I made two of. One for each of our older sons. Right before I had their baby brother and had to go into the hospital for a few days.... I made them each a bear to snuggle with while mommy was gone... He still has this bear on his bed so it must mean something to him. (Because look how ratty looking it is!) This pattern is still on the Stargazer site, but every time I click on the link it isn't available. I think it is one of the Denise Augustine patterns or somehow linked to it... I can't find the other bear like him that I did, but I know it's around here somewhere, because I just saw both of them the other day.. I do have the pattern printed out though. If I decided to make another one I think I would crochet a lot tighter or use a smaller hook (or both). So the stuffing wouldn't come out like that again... I haven't decided what teddy bear pattern I want to do next, but stay tuned... :)

We want a new crocheted friend!... and some clothes would be nice, too... :p


Mimi said...

Yes Tina, you should be making them a new friend ;)
I like your oldest bear the most, he's charming.
I wonder if I'd join the CAL, I have a small bear pattern I've been wanting to make from the boucle yarn I got from a swap...
Btw, how's work coming along?

Tina said...

Hi Mimi.
Thanks for the comment. ;) I like the oldest bear (you mean the tan colored one?) best, too. That's the one I threw the pattern out for... :(

Work is okay. They only have me working one day a week; I will have to see if I can get more days. It kind of defeats the purpose of me working if I don't make enough...

Anonymous said...

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