Thursday, December 01, 2016

Jetta's Sweater Is Finished

It had been done except for sewing the arm hole bands on and weaving the ends in...   We went on a (horrible) trip to the coast. It was a six hour drive. It rained the whole way there. And the whole way back. And both the dogs whined the whole way there.  I did not even want to go. But for the sake of keeping my husband happy, I went...   It was not fun. Have I mentioned how much I hate Oregon?...

  Anyway, I hadn't done any of the above (sewing the arm bands on, etc) yet. But Jetta wouldn't let me take it off. So...  She wore it for two days before it was even finished.   When we got bsck home, I washed it and then sewed the bands on and weaved in the ends.  It is a little bit big. But she likes it..

This picture was when I first put it on her and it was still warm from the dryer.

She finally put her ears up.

I saw some Christmas table runners at the store, and I wanted to get one. But, the least expensive one I could find was $15. My husband said next time he gets paid...  Then, I thought "I should look for crochet patterns for one. Duh...."  I am only always crocheting things for the OB Unit. So...  :P   I liked a few. But (of course) the ones I liked were filet crochet, no pattern just a graph. (The old me might be able to do that, but not now..).  It came down to two: Either the Holly Trim Table Runner, or the Holly Table Runner.  I chose the latter. Sorry for the not very good phone picture..   I just need to crochet the holly leaves and berries. I hope I have enough green left... (Sigh..)   The thing is, I am pretty sure I got the green sparkly Christmas yarn at Hobby Lobby. And of course there are no Hobby Lobby's here...  Sigh... 

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