Thursday, December 08, 2016

I posted the banana bread I baked yesterday..  Well, last night we were driving to JoAnn's (I needed some red buttons), and I asked my husband; "Would I be a total nerd if I took a loaf of the mini banana bread up to the lady at the post office?"... He said no (I think he was just being nice, lol..)   Well then I was thinking, "I should give one to our mail carrier with a note explaining our mailbox situation.."  So that's what this one is...

Then two more for the girl in the post office, and the post office manager/owner?   It might start a chain reaction of people being nice and then I will be sorry. ;)   Yesterday, after all the phone calls and UGH about the mailbox..  My husband said he would just put a board in there.  So I called the landlord back and told them not to worry about coming out, blah blah blah...  Well, he didn't just put a board in there. He put foam in too.  I thought it would look nicer. So I went out and painted the flag (long story..)  Ugh... It looks terrible!! We are just going to get a new mailbox.  I looked online and there are some decent ones that aren't ridiculously expensive..   But until then, I thought I would "sweeten" the deal with my Christmas pictures/mail carrier, and no one messing with our mail because of all this mess...  I hope my pictures don't get ruined.  How hard is it to just get your mail delivered around here, without it getting ruined...  Sheesh.

Jetta was waiting patiently for Santa Claus yesterday...  She's there right now, too. :P

We got some snow the other day...  It looked so pretty (until it all turned to mush when it started raining later and all melted..)  

One of our trees in the back yard...   Now today, school is closed. I don't have a picture for that. But if I did, it would be: No snow, nothing... ?  But, we are supposed to get hit.  Still waiting for it...  They closed school last night in anticipation of this Winter Storm..  (They are worse here than they were in Tennessee!!)  We were at Fred Meyer's and I said to the cashier, "What, is everyone stocking up for the storm?" (It was insane in there!)  He said, "Yeah I guess... They closed school already too."  (That is another one of my rants here..)   Earlier this week, I drove Eon to school and pulled up to the school. No one was there. There was one car.  Usually, there's all kinds of cars, students who walk there...  No one.  I said "What the...  Is school closed or something?" No one called me, no email, nothing...  Well then other students started coming in, and one of Eons' friends..  None of them knew what was going on, either.  What kind of school in the whole country does this?  Apparently, this one does...  This is just another reason to add to my already long list of reasons why I hate this school. And Oregon.   I have since then "liked" a local news station Facebook page so I can find out about school closings. (We don't have cable, so I can't just watch the news and find out..)     It's like no one knows how to do anything here.  And trying to get one simple problem fixed becomes a huge ordeal.<---- a="" about="" add="" all="" already="" am="" and="" annoying="" another="" answered..="" are="" arlier="" at="" because="" big="" but="" by="" cable="" call="" called="" can="" car="" cars="" chool="" closed="" closings="" couple="" didn="" do="" does="" drove="" earth="" email="" eon="" facebook="" find="" for="" forgot="" found="" friends="" from="" general...="" get="" going="" hat="" hate="" have="" here="" him="" his="" hour="" husband="" i="" ice="" in="" inally="" is="" it="" just="" knew="" know="" late="" least="" let="" like="" liked="" list="" local="" long="" look="" looked="" lot.="" lot="" me="" mention="" my="" nbsp="" news="" no="" not="" nothing...="" nyway.="" o="" of="" on.="" on="" one....="" one.="" one="" only="" or="" oregon="" other="" ound="" out="" over="" page="" parking="" phone..="" phone="" pparently="" rants="" reason="" reasons="" refuse="" s="" said="" school.="" school="" see..="" since="" so="" something="" sons="" start.="" start="" station="" students="" t="" td="" texting="" that="" the="" them="" then="" there.="" there="" this="" time="" to="" too.="" turn="" two="" up="" ust="" usually="" walk="" was="" way="" ways="" we="" week="" well="" were="" what="" which="" who="" why="">

I finally got some pictures on here of our decorating...  The fireplace. I have candles, pine cones in a Christmas basket, a Poinsettia..  My crocheted "Christmas gift" kleenex box. 

Our wreath from Home Depot..  It's a live wreath. 

And, Steve putting up lights...   We got three boxes of lights and (obviously) ran out. Right there, at the top of the gable.  

So, after two trips back to get lights... One, to get them. Two, to go back and get the right color... (Sheesh) We have Christmas lights on our house now..  I know, big whoopie.  But, I have never had lights on my house. Ever. Can you believe that?  

And, after it started getting dark out..  

We went to go see if there were any good Christmas lights anywhere. We drove to a very "expensive" neighborhood/town... They had nothing. ???  We were like "Huh?"....    But after some driving around, we did find some in one town.   I'll save those pictures for another post..

What is going on?  I am having the worst time trying to post this? First it wouldn't post all my pictures. Then all my text was jumbled and added onto? Went back in to see what the heck.. Now half my post is just gone?...

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