Thursday, December 29, 2016

I Finished Steve's Hat

The day after Christmas, I think? Or two days after.. But, I wrapped it in Christmas paper, anyway.  He still hasn't worn it. Even though it's been cold in the morning here. He said it isn't cold enough.    I started another hat that I was going to give him, but...   Since Eli got the job, I think I will give it to him. Since he will be working outside. I'll see if he wants it.  I am not happy that he got the job. Well, I'm glad kind of. He won't be sitting in his room all day, sleeping til one in the afternoon...   He does need to get out and do things.  But, if you read my last post. I don't want him to go out and do things/meet people/meet a girl/like it here...   :(     They must be desperate for people to hire there. He has no work experience at all. So... maybe this will be an experience. It's only 20 hours a week.  She's supposed to call him next week.    The other hat is just like this one but in grey Wool-Ease.  Oh, I do have something else to post about..  Let me get the picture.,.

Someone was selling this on Facebook. (Someone I used to know from a charity group who is also on Ravelry; and I don't remember where else, maybe Crochetville? Which I haven't been on in a long time...)  Anyway. She was going through her stash/projects and cleaning out. I said I wanted the mitered squares blanket.  So I bought it; and some scrap balls of yarn for $6 something.  

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