Monday, January 02, 2017

New Year, New Rug...

We got a new rug for the bathroom.. Exciting, I know.  :P

But, it makes me happy. Now I don't have to look at the ugly floor by the tub any more. I hate that!! No amount of scrubbing or soft scrub with bleach will fix it.  Makes me wonder what the floor underneath it looks like. :/    This house was built in 1960. And I think some of the things in this house are original to when it was built...  :/   Anyway.

One of the things I got for my birthday was a wax seal kit.  My  husband says he doesn't know what I like/want. So one day when we were at World Market, I said "You can buy me this for my birthday."  :P  A couple of people who write to me use wax seals, and I think they are so neat.  This kit has three seals. 

I finally tried it a few days ago. My first one, and it came out pretty good. (The second one I did did not turn out so good.)  

I don't think I posted about the hat I was knitting for Eli...? Well technically I started it for Steve. But, #1. He hasn't even worn the one I did knit him. #2. Eli got the job he went on the interview for last week. (I am not thrilled about it, but... I won't go into that.)  He will be working outside, maybe. Pumping gas. I am not sure if he will be a cashier inside the kiosk, or pumping gas, too. It is part time, 20 hours a week. And they don't stay open 24 hours-- so I at least won't have to worry about that. 

Anyway, I finished it on December 31st.  So it was my last project of 2016.  I think he likes it. He actually smiled, and put it on.  :)

I have been working on my bigger mitered squares blanket. It's my "TV knitting" project. I should say "Netflix knitting". Since we don't have cable..   I decided it will be for the OB Unit.  I am doing it the same as the other one I did, but casting on 23, place marker, 23. Instead of 16.  It's the Knitted Patchwork Recipe pattern on Ravelry. Free download.

I am going to have to get Duke a cone of shame...   Look what he keeps doing to himself! He's chewed the fur right off (on both sides of his tail!), and I don't know what is going on...   I think he got fleas. (Maybe I need the cone of shame...)  :(  I haven't been doing his flea meds on a regular monthly basis. I thought I was doing okay. But, I looked at my calendar (where I write it down).  I think (unless I forgot to write it down) I missed from May-September!!  I could have sworn I did a couple months in the summer. That was when he had his surgery.  I thought I did.  Well, I did see a couple of black bugs on him which were probably fleas.  Sigh...  Makes me crazy even thinking about it. I have given them both baths (not an easy task with Duke, he weighs over 50 lbs, and fights me trying to get him in the tub-which isn't easy without him fighting me).  Did that twice now. Put flea meds on them. Vacuum everywhere, put baking soda on the rug (only carpet in the house- I guess I should be glad about that now), and on their dog bed. Vacuumed that, and immediately took the vacuum bag out to the trash bin. Put a flea collar in a new bag, and vacuum again. Sweep, mop, clean their kennel out with bleach water, move the kennel, clean underneath...  clean the whole laundry room; baseboards walls, cracks... I have done this a few times. Wash all their pillows and sheet in their kennel in bleach water.  Anyway. I am not sure if it was because of fleas (I think it was because of the little red spots?), or what...  I also got him a flea collar.  He seems to be itching less, and I haven't seen any more little black bugs.  He must be a flea magnet. He got them once when we lived in Tennessee, too. Living in super humid states doesn't help... Maybe we should move back to Nevada, no fleas there... :(

He loves being outside...   Here he is after I opened the door (because he scratched on it) "I want to come in".... (You can see his flea collar..)   

Then he runs away "Ha ha just kidding!!" He's a brat.  :P  It's a good thing he's so darn cute.  He loves the snow. Right when he did that (scratch on the door then run away thing), he ran over and started eating it. 

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