Sunday, January 22, 2017

Eli's Birthday

I made the usual cake... But, I did a different frosting this time (I will not use this recipe ever again. No matter how much powdered sugar you add, it never seems to thicken..)  It still tasted all right.  I re-used the happy birthday candles from Eon and Steve's cake. (Not going to do that again, either- they melted all over the cake.)  

Opening his first present... Clothes, for work..  (He got a job, finally. Yay.. But not yay...  I won't go into it..)

Is this one blurry, or is it just me?  

We tried to get him "adult" presents. Since he is 20 now..  Look, a smile. I think he liked it.

I had to sneak a picture of Eon in. Ha ha... He didn't even know. :P

About to blow out his candles..   

Since this post is about birthday(s), I thought I would add a belated birthday card I made for a pen pal.  Her birthday is the day before Eli's. And, we technically celebrated Eli's birthday the day before (on her birthday), because everyone had work/school, then Eli had work that afternoon. So since no one would be home at the same time, we did it a day early. Although, it turned out that they changed his schedule that day (and two or more other days, which is part of the "not yay" part of his new job- they change his schedule almost every day.) .  Oh well...     I just made the card up.  I wanted to do a "Bee-Lated" birthday card. But different.. I printed out the "Happy Bee-Lated Birthday" on white card stock, cut it down, Used a punch my Mom gave me to do the lacy black part..  And an envelope I got with my Christmas photo cards. I made the card the size of the envelope..  I have 19 more of them. So...

Eon is at a friends' house. He has been asking to have this friend over or go to his house, forever...   I would rather have had his friend over here.  But...   We went over there, "interviewed" (aka talked) to his Mom/Boyfriend..   I still am not comfortable about it.  Note to self: Do not watch the episode of The Hunt with John Walsh where a girl goes to her friends for a sleepover, and the friends Mom's new boyfriend rapes her; on your son's very first sleepover EVER... (I had no idea what episode it was, I was just watching TV..)   I kept thinking "I must be crazy...  Maybe I should just (sound like a crazy person) go over there and say I changed my mind about him staying the night..."  Other than Eon talking about this friend, and me seeing this friend almost every day, I know nothing about these people except what was said yesterday. :/   I have been texting him, so if I didn't have that... I would be an absolute nervous  wreck. Except he hasn't texted me back yet this morning... So...  :/  

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