Sunday, January 22, 2017

Some FO's, A WIP, And Food...

This is a sweater/hat/mitten/booties/sleep sack set I did, to "go with" the little outfit I bought for the OB Ward. Technically, the sleep sack doesn't really "go"...  I wanted to do the blue band in a camo yarn. But, we are flat broke so no money for even one more skein right now...  I had to use what I had.  But the sweater set goes with the outfit. :)  I don't even know if I will be able to send this this month, either.   Anyway, the bear hat is Osito's Infant Hat. The sweater is Bella Bambina's Cardigan for Babies. Booties are Crochet Newborn Booties. I wanted something in worsted weight. I like this pattern. The mittens are Ruth's Crochet Set: Mittens. My computer (internet) is sucking like usual, today. So I will try and add the links later. But the sleep sack is Bev's Newborn Cocoon.   I was kind of thinking maybe I should do a bear blanket to go with this, then it would be a whole layette.  But I don't know if I have that much ambition... Plus, I have two other blankets I still need to finish.
Another little outfit I bought. I might do a set to go with it, too. Since I might not even be sending it til next month.

And this is the "WIP" I have... (One of the two blankets I mentioned..) My bigger mitered squares blanket. Last time I posted about this, I was still not even finished with the second row. So I feel pretty good about how far I've gotten on it. And, I love it. 

I don't know if I ever posted the hat I finished for Eli?  If I didn't, then I haven't posted about Steve's either.  He wears it to work every day. :D  So it was a win. 

And I made myself another hat, too.  

It's the Iced Edge Granny Squares Hat pattern. Someone posted a link on Facebook. And I really liked it. I haven't actually worn it "out" though..  But I do like it.

And, I downloaded some food pictures I posted on Facebook...  A good old fashioned chicken pot pie.  I stopped making this for a long time, because I thought the kids "hated" it. But, it must have just been our oldest son...   They ate the whole pan.  So, I started up a "Pot Pie" tub in the freezer.  In one of my "tightwad" books a reader wrote in to say she keeps a tub in the freezer of all their leftover vegetables, and any meat that doesn't get eaten at dinner. Then when it's to a certain level, she makes a pot pie with it.  With as tight as money has been for us (Christmas, then Eli's birthday, then Evan and Jayce's anniversary, we can't catch a break...)  I thought it might save us one night for dinner time.  

Some Monkey Bread I made...  I thought I hadn't made this since we lived in Nevada. But Eon said I made it when we lived in Tennessee. I don't remember it, though..

We had some strong winds one night...  Guess it was stronger than I thought. This is a neighbor's tree, down the road from us. In the road.  That was a huge tree, too. The bottom of the tree was past where that trailer is.

Update since my last post (earlier this morning) Eon texted me.

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