Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Snow Day

Today was supposed to have been the first day back to school after Christmas break. But, they cancelled school due to "ice and sleet".  Which is fine with me...  I didn't sleep good last night. Neither did my husband (he woke me up because I think Eli woke him up... Sigh...)   Maybe I will sleep better tonight.  I took a picture of the mitered squares blanket again. I finished the square I was working on and 1 1/2 more since the last picture. :P  

I made a new muffin recipe a couple days ago, pizza muffins. I didn't have pepperoni, or olives... I just did the cheese. They were pretty good, especially hot out of the oven with spaghetti sauce. :)

Serving suggestion. :P

We still have a lot of candy canes left from Christmas...   I was bored this morning and lined them all up.  I will have to figure out something to make with them... No one seems to be eating them.

I had just enough flour left this morning to make banana bread with my mini loaf pan. One batch filled each tin.  I somehow gained five pounds over Nov-Dec, so I am trying to be good.... Sigh...  But I love banana bread.   

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