Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Mailbox Issues and Other Stuff..

...Oh, what a pain...   I have been having problems with my mail from the day we moved in here.  Besides the carrier just not coming to pick up our mail for days on end...  Now, it is the "rainy season" here. Seriously. From September-April, it rains...  Well all our mail is getting wet!! Not. Cool.  I took this picture to explain to the lady at the post office what is going on. See how the bottom of the mailbox goes down on the sides? Well, water gets in there.  And does our mail carrier just put the mail in the mailbox laying down flat like a normal mail carrier? Noooo....   They put it on the side. Where all the water collects. So all our mail can get soaking wet.  Well I finally went up, armed with my picture; and told the lady at the post office all this...  Sigh...  I have to call a different post office, they handle the mail delivery.  So, I call that post office. Without this picture it is hard to explain...  Long story short, we have to replace our mailbox.  We are just renting here. And if I told you how much we have to pay in rent, you would agree with me that we shouldn't have to pay one extra dime on this house!  So I have to call the landlord and explain all this again...  Now we get to put our mail on HOLD, until they come out to replace our mailbox. Which was probably original to this house, built in 1960 something...    Sheesh!!!!!   Then, my husband just went out to mess around with it and the mailbox almost fell over.    Arghhh!!  Why can nothing just be simple?  All this because I ordered pictures for Christmas cards, and if those pictures get wet I am going to blow a gasket!!  So now I probably won't even get my pictures on time, because of all this..  The landlords still haven't come out to fix other problems we called about a month ago. So who knows when it will get resolved..       That's my rant for today. (I had an even bigger one yesterday but I don't even want to go there...) Sigh...

I just wanted to escape my thoughts, and bake today... So, I did. I got a new mini-loaf pan and I had six bananas to use up. So I made a double batch of banana bread. I only used four bananas.  Those two bigger loaves are almost gone.  

Little mini-loaves of bread, they're so cute!!  I thought these would be good for Eon to just grab one, on the way out the door to school in the morning..

I don't know if I posted my Christmas Table Runner I finished?... I know I posted it on Facebook, and Ravelry... I was going to do the holly leaves with berries, but...  I ran out of enough green after the second leaf.  (Sigh..) And, I got that yarn at Hobby Lobby.  There are zero Hobby Lobbies in Oregon..  So, I just decided to leave it like it is..  (Oh, lol, get it.. Leave it?... I didn't do that on purpose..)  I got a new candle too! I love it.  :D  Now I feel a little more in the Christmas spirit...    I just went and looked, I did post it - but it wasn't a very good picture. 

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