Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas 2016

Did everyone have a nice Christmas?..  We had a nice Christmas. Even thought I never did find that box of ornaments (I still haven't)...  The beat still went on.  

I wasn't going to give anything to my brother and sister in law...  But in the end, I did. Nothing much. A star trek coffee mug and a Christmas candle. A knitted bell and a knitted catnip toy for their cat.

This is the catnip toy. It was a pattern from Wendy Knits, a long time ago. I can't seem to find it online anymore. 

This was actually right around the time Christmas break started, I think..  We got snow a couple days, and Christmas break started two days early. Because no one knows how to drive in the snow here. No one knows how to drive period here. But forget if it rains or snows...  Anyway, Duke loved the snow.  

Eli's stocking..

And Eon's...  Duke wanted to get in the picture. :)

Stuff I put in Eon's stocking.. Except the bean boozled candy and the deadpool sticker, it was basically the same for Eli's. 

Combs for Eon because he always loses combs... (Drives me nuts.)

And Xbox controller chocolates. I got them at World Market. I thought they would like those..

My Santa towels.. One in the kitchen.

One in the bathroom..

I made a lot of cookies...  These actually were the last batch I made. The peanut blossom Hershey's kiss cookies. Recipe is on the back of the kisses bag around Christmas.. My Grandma made these for all the holidays. :)

Peppermint Meltaways.

Christmas Sugar cookies. I like these for some reason. They're just like sugar cookies, but then you do the fork on top like peanut butter cookies, then the sugar. They have a cup of oil in them which I thought was weird. And I did have to refrigerate the dough before rolling it into balls..  Otherwise it was a soggy mess to try and roll and got all over your hands.

And I attempted (and succeeded, yay!) another chocolate cream pie.  I only made this one other time when we lived in Tennessee. And it never did get thick (the filling). I don't remember what I did wrong, I vaguely remember not having cornstarch maybe?....   Anyway it turned out this time, and was good.  Granny's Cocoa Cream Pie recipe.

Christmas dinner.  Christmas was better this year than it was in 2015.

Today Eli has his first ever job interview. He has been applying at several places, no one would call him.  Well he finally got an email, and finally got a hold of them. And today is the day....   :(   I am glad for him that he has an interview. But...   I am going to sound like I need a therapist, here...  I don't want him to get a job here. I don't want to stay here. If he gets a job, he will meet people. Maybe even a girl...  And want to stay here.  Not to mention, (well I already did mention), no one knows how to drive here and I am seriously worried about him driving (if he gets the job, which he probably will) here. It's about 8 miles to where he would work.  I want to go with him for a few weeks (months, the rest of his life..) to reassure myself. He hasn't driven very much at all. Even though he's had his own vehicle since this summer. Then, there's his asthma... (Sigh...)  He has asthma. And, we haven't had insurance since we lived in Nevada/my husband got laid off. Which means we haven't been able to afford his asthma medication ($120 a bottle which lasted a month).. He does have his inhaler. (If it is even still good..)   See why I am stressed out?...  It's not just him getting a job. That in itself would be a good thing.   Sigh...    Maybe he will hate his boss and all his coworkers and not want to stay here either.  :/  I need therapy.

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