Tuesday, November 15, 2016

I finished a baby set for the OB Ward...  Everything here I've posted about/crocheted before. But the booties are a new pattern I got recently.  I added ties to them, chained 80 and sl st back.

I was cleaning out Eon's closet this morning. This is all from his closet. :0  On first glance/without knowing, you would think, "What a slob!"  But this was all in bags and boxes that he still has not unpacked from when we moved here.   And, I was getting overwhelmed unpacking/organizing it all.. And, we have moved SO much in the past ten years....   Well I posted this on Facebook (and said technically it was all still unpacked so I unpacked it for him). My irritating sister-in-law commented "Oh my God!!!! They are old enough to do their own laundry and that would not happen in my house!"  Oh. She put an "LOL" on the end of it, so it was all okay...   Not.  This is the Mom who abandoned her own kids. I don't know all the details, but I can tell you she was not a good Mom.  And she's going to tell me that my 14 year old son should be doing his own laundry???....   

I should have posted this for her. But, I unfriended her.
Grrrrr....   What is wrong with people..  

By the way, I found the afghan I posted about a few days ago, in his closet.  And three pencil sharpeners (he says he doesn't have one ever...), three pairs of nail clippers, a calculator, a USB flash drive, three pairs of jeans, two pairs of pajama pants, three pairs of shorts...

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