Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Halloween Food, Christmas Project, and a Dog Sweater..

I started a dog coat/sweater for Jetta.  :)  I haven't made her one since the one in Nevada (which didn't even fit her..)  So.. This time I am making a Large. It's the Bernat Super Value Crochet Dog Coat pattern.  Doesn't she look like she is getting old? :(  She'll be 7 in January...

So far...

And, I finished a Christmas Project. Crochet Christmas Bootie Candy Dish  I think I might need a different "dish" inside it..  That's a 18.5 ounce Progresso Soup can and it looks too small.  

I made some Mummy Dogs in a Coffin for Halloween dinner (macaroni and cheese and corn, too).  :P

Some Halloween pretzels That isn't where I originally saw the recipe, but it's the same thing.

I bought a new Halloween candy bowl. I had one in Tennessee... Must have sold it at the moving sale. I liked that one, too.  Oh well.  :P  Now that Halloween is over I am all about Christmas.. :D

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paula said...

Jetta just looks older because she is black and her gray whiskers show up. Indy is 10 and shows no gray . . . her coat i sable so I can't see the gray :)