Sunday, October 30, 2016

Granny Square Christmas Candy Boot and Popcorn Balls

I saw a cute Christmas Bootie on Pinterest. I don't know why, but I like it..  So I had to make one.. :) I brought all my yarn to carpool to pick Eon up and go two squares done. (I finished that square after I took this picture.)  

Here it is with a can in it..  The can is an 18.5 ounce soup can. The pattern says to use a 12 ounce can. But that was too small..  I am using an H hook for my squares, and they are coming out to what she says hers are.  So I don't know..

I don't remember where I saw an idea to make popcorn balls (probably Facebook), but... I said "Oh yeah, popcorn balls..."  Then I googled an easy recipe.  I used this one. I was going to use this one, but... (I think she is so cute... Vanilla abstract..:P I love it.) I used the other one.  I bought regular old popcorn and popped it in a pan (like the second video). That's how we always made it when I was a kid. And I made it, too. (Not always, but I always asked if I could!)   That girl has another video to make donuts out of biscuits, she is going to be the next Rachel Ray.  :)

But, Eon did pretty much all the rest.  :D  We used the whole bag of marshmallows, and didn't use the dried cranberries.

I'm not going to win any awards for picture taking or end up on Pinterest... Lol.  But I think Eon had "fun" making them, and they like them.  I'll have to get some more marshmallows. ;)  

Guess who else liked them?....   ;P   Well, Jetta loves popcorn anyway. Ever since she was a puppy..  

Duke doesn't like popcorn. But... he begs anyway.  Well guess what? He loves popcorn with marshmallows on it..  He is so funny.  I gave them both a bunch of it, and after I did the dishes and put everything away, he was sitting by the counter where the popcorn balls were, and whining! I didn't know what he was whining about, so I turned around and saw where he was and laughed.    He cracks me up.     The other day I got them a new bag of dog food. Well there was still a little left in the old bag so I put that in their food bowl (it was almost full).  Duke stood there staring at the bag of new food!!   (Before that when we first brought it home, Steve said he was sitting there looking at the dog on the bag of food and he could swear he was smiling.)  I showed him the bowl had food in it. He stood there. Staring at the bag...  So, I opened it and put a scoop of the new food on top.  He ate it all up (ONLY the new food on top. though..)  He's hilarious...Poor Jetta. Had to eat the "old" food in the bottom of the bowl...   :P   I swear it's like having two furry (stinky) little kids.  :P

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paula said...

Dad used to make THE BEST popcorn balls. Wish he had written the recipe down. I can still taste it but only know it had Karo syrup, I think, in it :(