Sunday, October 23, 2016

More Baby Things, Birthday Mail and An Update On Dad

This was the Baby Scrapghan  (do you like my word?) I started. Well, now it is finished. It kind of looks crooked...  But, it is very warm and will keep a baby warm on Pine Ridge. I didn't send it this month (I sent the blue/variegated one), there was only one more needed. So I will send it next month..  This is how I did it (copying and pasting from my Ravelry notes):
I just chained until it was about 6 inches + one chain. Then did hdc in 2nd chain and each chain across. Ch 1, turn.
Row 2- until 6 inches tall: Hdc in each hdc. Ch 1, turn. I did two rows of each color for stripes. Then finished off.
Join new color in side next to last hdc. Ch 1, did 3 hdcs in each color “block”. Then 3 hdc again in corners. Hdc across extra loops on bottom. Repeat around.
Rounds 2- throughout: Ch 1, hdc in each hdc with 3 hdc in middle hdc of corner 3 hdc groups. Join with sl st in top of first hdc. Repeat until afghan measures 40 x 40 or as big as you want.

I started a baby bunting, too (for Pine Ridge also, but for a different Ravelry Pine Ridge group- I am in three I think? For PR..)  I have wanted to do this baby bunting forever. And I did start one, once. But I don't know when/or what happened,...  I can't find it anywhere. After doing this one, I bet I got to the back/shoulder neck shaping and said "Huh?"...  Because it can be confusing. Especially for someone like me, who confuses herself over nothing anyway!! Lol...  If you just do what they say, it does work (at least in the case of this pattern, it does..)

I sat there for ten minutes trying to find the end inside the skein. No luck. So, I reached inside and pulled its guts out. Lol...  the end was in there! :P

I took a picture of it for future reference...  So I know which sides the decreases etc are on...  

Ta-Da!!!! I just love it...  I wish I had this book when my guys were babies! I would have made them one for sure (in boy colors), for the Arctic Tundra weather in Michigan...  I have since this finished both the mittens, and the hat is done but I still need to do the trim/tie on it..     I think it is so sweet. I hope the person/Mom that gets it will think so, too..   I used Caron Jumbo in "Baby Rainbow", and for the trim I used Big  Twist in "Light Teal" (it looks mint green to me, does it to you too?). The pattern uses a light variegated with white trim. But every group I am in for Pine Ridge says to not use white or use sparingly because washing machines are few and far between on the reservation and white gets so dirty fast..  Now that I've done one, I want to make a bunch more.   This one is supposed to be 3-6 months size.  

And look at all the birthday goodies I got in the mail yesterday!!!! All from the same person, RunningKnitter on Ravelry. We are in the same "Love of Letters" group and have been pen pals for a long time.  I LOVE everything, so much!! I know she put a lot of thought into this package. Because that yarn is my absolute favorite color. That dishcloth is my absolute favorite dishcloth to knit and use. And, I can use that little green and white checked journal for my "Three Things" journal.  I love the stationery, she even got specialized personalized notecards for me from Vistaprint!! I almost cried from it all.  I have been having the worst time lately, worrying so much about my Dad, still struggling with not liking Oregon (at all)/the rain here, and your package totally made my whole week/month/year. Thank you RunningKnitter! 

I don't know if I posted this, it's the baby shower gifts for Jolene all wrapped up. She got the box yesterday, and sent me a thank you note on Facebook. That was so nice of her. She told me her Mom said I was a master crocheter. (She is the one who helped me learn.) I said to tell her Mom thank you, and "I had a lot of help from a master crocheter!"  That was so nice to get a thank you. I half the time don't even know if they got the package, except by checking the tracking number...  

I almost forgot... The update on my Dad..  He was moved out of the hospital and is in a physical rehab facility (the same one he was in the last couple of times).  I talked to him yesterday for a long time. He is in great spirits. He was joking around with the nurses in the hospital when they were trying to help him get out of bed, he said "My leg I don't have is getting in the way."  And when I talked to him yesterday he said "I haven't given up yet." He wasn't depressed about it, either...   He's a tough cookie!! :)

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