Monday, October 10, 2016

Baby Jolene

I contacted my cousin to get her address on Facebook..  I found out they are naming their baby Jolene. I love that name. I said "Your Mom must be crocheting all kinds of things for her new grand daughter!", and then I found out that she doesn't crochet much any more. :0  Because of her hands..   So... Long story short; I wasn't going to "over-do" the crocheting, because I didn't want to "steal her thunder"....   But..  Since I found out she doesn't crochet any more, I decided to do a whole layette set. Especially since I have almost a whole skein of Pound of Love leftover from the blanket. :D  I am crocheting the Shells and Vines Sweater. I have wanted to do that one forever, for the OB Unit. But never have..   So I will do it for this gift..

And I finished their card and it's already to go..   I think it came out nice.

I found out this morning that my Dad is in the hospital again. He is in surgery right now as I type...   His leg was bothering him. It started in his hip, then went down his leg.  It was causing him a lot of pain.  He has had arteries that were not working properly/blocked/dead?  But during his last surgery (2009), they had so many other issues to deal with they didn't want to continue the surgery any longer and risk anything.  Well everything went to hell finally last night.  The thing that makes my blood boil is, they went in at 11 at night and didn't get in to surgery until 11;30 this morning?  They said if they can't fix the blockage/arteries, they are going to have to amputate his leg. :(   I am not a praying person but if you are, can you please send up some good thoughts for my Dad?  I guess 47 years of alcoholism and smoking is/are finally catching up with him. Even though he has been sober for two years..  :/

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paula said...

Please keep us up to date on your dad.