Sunday, October 23, 2016

Baby Bunting Set and Eli's New Glasses

I finished the hat/whole set today..   I just love this set and I wish I could have had this pattern when all our guys were little. :)  Although, the hat is more of a bonnet..  And therefore more girly? I don't know. I definitely want to do more of these, though. In darker colors maybe.  But I do love this one.  I hope the Mom and baby who get it love it, too. I wanted to get a little sleeper, too; to send with it.   I don't know if I mentioned before this pattern is from the Big Book Of Crochet. I haven't been able to find it on Ravelry or online so I don't know if it's anywhere else. It was written by Sandra Abbate.

And, we took Eli to the eye doctor. Because apparently he hasn't been able to see for the past three years?  I said "Why are you just now telling me????..."  "I didn't want to bother you."  ??  Okay..  You kind of need to see, Eli...  ?  Now he can. Doesn't he look handsome? And smart?  :)  Does it look blurry to you? It's a phone picture so..

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paula said...

He looks adorable now that he can see :)