Saturday, October 08, 2016

A Couple Things..

...that I finished, that is. The C2C baby blanket is done.  I don't know why but I just thought these two colors would go good together.  

Duke trying to fall asleep... Lol  Such a rough life. :)

And I finished a hat for myself.  My husband took me to Jo-Ann's so I could get the yarn to do it.  <3 and="" anything="" bought="" color="" doesn="" exact="" in="" like="" look="" magazine.="" magazine="" me..="" nbsp="" t="" td="" the="" they="" to="" used="" yarn="">

And, the pattern does not make sense. Round 2 is mainly the problem, but I noticed other rounds that there is no way possible the stitch count could be what they say. It's annoying.  But I did what I thought I should do and it turned out.  A beginner crochet would be lost, though.  I haven't worn this out yet.  But it is very warm. And so comfy.  I also don't know if I will ever buy Bernat Roving again.  If you pull on it, it comes apart. Fortunately I didn't have that happen while I was crocheting it.  But it did happen while trying to sew the pom-poms on...

ETA: This is the issue the pattern is in. I contacted the website to tell them about the problem...  don't know how much good if any that will do.


paula said...

I like your hat. You should write out the pattern so it is correct and sell it.

Tina said...

It is in a magazine already... could I do that? It's just annoying that people can't write patterns any more, and then magazines don't even check the pattern before they put it in their magazines.. Seems like it's happening more and more.