Monday, November 07, 2016

A Card, Christmas Stuff again, and Another Update on Dad

I haven't blogged in a while. It seems like I have a lot to blog about. But, I can't find any pictures... We got this brand new computer. And every time I upload pictures, it goes into a weird folder. Like July 2011. ???? What?  I don't know anything about computers. Also, websites will not load. But I know we have internet.. Sigh...   Anyway, this is a card I made and sent a couple weeks ago. I don't know if she has received it or not yet. I saw it on Pinterest and thought it was fun. A Kleenex box that says "Get Well Soon."  There wasn't any instructions, I just tried to copy the picture...

I was trying to find my crocheted Christmas tree the other day, to work on "ornaments" (I still haven't..)  And I found this old thing. :P  It's a Yo-Yo Snowman. I think it was from a Crafting Traditions magazine. I can't remember.  I will have to look one  day to see if I can find it..  Wait. I just googled it. I don't know if this is the pattern but it sure looks like it! Snow Yo-Man. Other than that, I am drawing a blank on when I crocheted it..  

I know I already posted the Granny Square Candy Boot. But... I got a candy "jar" to fit in it.  :D

I got it at Michsaels. Well guess what? Ants were all inside the container the other morning (I am not the one who left the container open sitting on the table..)  Grrrr!! How are there ants in November???  Oh well.  

And, this is the crocheted Christmas tree I was actually looking for. I haven't crocheted any "ornaments" for it. But, I have been looking for some. I got the mini-ornaments at Jo-Ann's on sale a while ago. (Now I just need pins to hang them..)  I saw a cute crocheted garland in a new magazine I got (shhhh), I want to try it in thread.  The magazine is Annie's Christmas 2016 special issue. There's also some mini stocking ornaments. There's also another cute snowman in there.   I haven't started any of them. But I did start another Santa scarf.  I want to do an Elf one, too. There isn't really any pattern, and I can't find anywhere where I wrote down what I did. (What is wrong with me?...) But I did go on Facebook (where I saw the scarves- Santa and Elf), and found her "general" instructions...  

Anyway, my Dad gets to go home on Friday.  They had to have a handicap ramp and railing built (done) in order for him to be released.  He is doing so well, I am so shocked... What I am shocked the most about is his 100% completely positive attitude about the whole thing. I guess that's the most important thing towards recovery.  Or, one of the important things... But it helps a lot.   :)

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