Saturday, June 29, 2013

Thrift Store Finds, and Apple Pie

I went to the Salvation Army a couple days ago. I went there specifically to find some cheap t-shirts to make into tank tops like ones I saw on Pinterest. :D I pinned it, but thats the link to the website. It's starting to get super hot here; and I wanted some new tops (inexpensive), just for everyday..

I thought I would look at dresses, too. I have been trying to dress more *girly* lately. Dresses seem to be in this year. I almost didn't get this one, because it's purple. Not my favorite color. But, it was half off. So.

But I really like this one. So I got it. :D It may be my new favorite dress. I paid "full price" for this one, $8. Still not bad; when  you think how much it would be at the store it came from (I think it is a Target brand).

Then while I was waiting for Eon to look at stuff, I got this photo album - which looks brand new, for $1.50. And seven cards and envelopes for 10 cents each. Boo Yah. :P  I got the Thank You card for Evan, to send to someone for a wedding present they sent him. (That's a long story..) It was my husbands' Aunt. She lives in Canada at a monastery (sp?). She is a little strange...  Anyway. She sent them (Evan and Jayce) a wedding present (to me, since I didn't know his address, since he had moved again). She sent two pictures of Jesus. Not the wedding present a new (super young) bride and groom are probably looking to get.. But...  I still think he (they) should send a thank you card. And, she keeps asking me about it. So. That's the story behind the Thank You card. (I know you were wondering, and weren't going to be able to sleep tonight unless I told you. Lol..)

Then after I paid, on the way out, Eon said "Mom, look."  It was a skateboard. I said :O. Do you want it?! He has been wanting a skateboard for a long time. I didn't want to buy him one (cuz I worry myself to death..) But I promised him I would get him one if he brought up his grade in math. (An F, on his progress report.. Ahem..)  And, he *did* bring it up. To a C. :/  Thing is, though; all of his other grades dropped. To a C or B. :/  I won't get into that.  I asked him if he wanted it still. He said no, since I had already checked out. I said "Too bad, I'm buying it for you." ;)  I think he really likes it. (He;s actually smiling, big clue there..)  :D  I just hope we don't end up in the ER... (Sigh.)  He *will* be wearing his helmet, knee pads and elbow pads when riding it. And bubble wrap. Lol!

These are the apples from our tree this year. (Sigh...) But. Last year our apple tree only got ONE apple. So...  I was actually happy it got apples this year. I saw the rotten one, and I picked it off. Then I started looking at the other apples, and picked them. I had been wanting to make a pie with apples from our own apple tree. So...

I did.  I didn't use that rotten apple though. (Yuck.) A couple of them, I had to cut pieces off that were starting to go, too. And, I had to use two apples from the store to get enough. But... There's my pie. It's long gone. :P  I don't think I've ever made an apple pie before. I've made all kinds of other pies. Pumpkin (my favorite), Key Lime, rhubarb, custard (pumpkin pie in that post, too)..  Now apple.  Oh, and I saved the seeds from all the apples. I'm going to try and grow more apple trees. :D

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