Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Newborn Sweater Set

Finally, some crocheting! :D  I feel like I am always crocheting, but I never get anything done. But I actually finished something, this morning while waiting on the phone scheduling annual doctors appointments for the kids. (Scheduled my mammogram, and Eons' cardiologist appointment too. Glad that's done.) I have been watching "Call The Midwife", recently; on Netflix, and online. :P One of my penpals got me hooked on it. :)  Somehow I found myself wanting to crochet and knit baby things. (Hmmm..)   This set is a bunch of different patterns, the sweater is the Little Darling Newborn Cardigan pattern by Laura Tegg. It's a free Ravelry download. The hat is the SLK baby hat by Susan L Kraus. And the booties are the Roll-Tops bootie pattern by Hayley Missingham, also a free Ravelry download. I put this in my pile of stuff to send to the hospital on Pine Ridge (when the weather starts getting cooler). I figure I will have a good collection by then, if I keep watching Call the Midwife. :P

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