Sunday, June 23, 2013

I don't know if I ever posted this yarn that Sue (one of my pen pals from NM) sent me? She sent me five skeins. I LOVE this yarn!! The reason I have three pictured is because in the other two skeins, the "coral" color is more of a light pink. So I am going to try and see if three will be enough, to crochet the Grove Park Tank by Robyn Chacula.   

I tried to wind one of the skeins previously. I didn't know how it got to be such a tangled mess. (I had it in a special place, it wasn't getting moved around..)  So I unwound another skein and thought I would try again. Well as careful as I was, that one got all tangled up, too.

It took me two hours to wind it, but... I did it. :P    I started on the first one again, too. That one still isn't finished. I realized that it still had some of the ties in it. It's knotted and tied in a few places, and I hadn't taken those off. That was one of the reasons it might have been so hard to wind. (Duh... :P)   I actually started a tank, in a size medium. Had to frog it and am going to start with a size E hook and make the small, I think. (I was using an E hook, and it still came out way too big.) I will need to get a contrasting color for the collar. But I still wanted to start it. 
I have the fabric ironed and ready to cut out for the purse lining for my Mom's bag. I need to work on that. (Sigh..) 

I got another hanging pot of flowers last week. I was thinking about getting a pot of red, a pot of white, and seeing if I could find any blue ones. For the 4th of July. But I couldn't find hardly any. Then I saw the red, white, and blue beads on this one. So I decided to get it. (And, its a third of the cost of what I was thinking... Lol. Which would have been way too much money, anyway.) 

Here are my flowers I had already. And our wind chime we bought in Colorado for summer vacation last year. And Jubba. :P

I don't know if I ever posted a picture of the latest bloom on my prickly pear cactus? It had a flower when I bought it. Then it got another one just recently. It only lasted about one day. It was so pretty, though. I think I finally decided where to plant this. In the back yard, in between the two yucca plants. Out a ways, though. Since they get really big.. 


paula said...

Is that a humming bird feeder I see hanging by your plants?

When Mom used to wind yarn, she would wrap it around the back of a kitchen chair. I started wrapping mine around the screen of my laptop . . hate it when there are knots in the yarn . . actually, it REALLY IRRITATES ME! LOLOL

Tina said...

Yes, it's a hummingbird feeder. :D I have more hummingbirds this year, too. I make my own hummingbird nectar. 1/4 cup sugar to 1 cup boiling water. (One part sugar to four parts water.) They all love it!

I think next time I will have to enlist the help of Eon to hold the yarn or something, it really irritates me too. I think that's why I haven't started that project. Still trying to wind the yarn. Must have irritated me more than I thought, LOL. :P