Monday, February 21, 2011

Yup, I'm Still Here... ;P

I got a letter from Sue in Malaysia. :)  I was so surprised. We are in the same Ravelry Group: For the Love of Letters.  <3  She sent me a dishcloth she crocheted. How did she know my kitchen is red?  I love it. I already used the discloth. In fact, it was soaking wet in this picture. :P I took it out of the sink to take a picture of it before it got totally ruined. :(  Thank you, Sue.  :D

I haven't felt like doing much of anything lately (crochet or knit-wise). But I was bored. And in a mood to try and organize. Which didn't go far. lol (I did manage to organize my closet a little~ as much as I could, anyway.)  I picked this up and finished it.  It reminds me of chocolate covered cherries. But my husband says no.  I told him it wasn't up to him to decide. ;P

Well once I finished my dishcloth, and after organizing (and putting a bunch of bags of yarn under the bed); I got out my Forest Flowers Pullover (I have been working on it a little, here and there-- the flower motifs) and got a lot done on the flower motifs. I took this picture before I took apart that last motif and added two more. :P  I actually had this all crocheted to the sweater. I'm so dizzy I didn't even think. I have to add the sleeves... (Duh.)  So, I have the sleeves blocking. Then I have to sew the seams on them and sew them partways to the sweater. THEN, I can add the flowers. :P  I'm getting excited. It's almost done. This has been a challenging pattern for me. Mostly because it takes a lot of concentration, maybe? I don't know. I also had to re-do the flowers about forty thousand times. First I was adding an extra loop somehow. So I had to take apart the last row of three motifs, then re-do them. But once I got going, I started getting into it. So maybe all I needed to get my "mojo" back was to just start doing something...  Plus, a COOL new pattern to try!!...

While I have my sleeves blocking for the FFP, I started Sheila's Ooowee Sweater!! I. Could. Not. Wait!  :P  I only had enough of the grey (I bought it for another sweater which was too complicated of a pattern for me-- more of the foundation scs and stuff, I just did not want another complicated pattern again yet...  And I just love Sheila's two sweaters she made with her pattern.)  I LOVE the Purple Passion version Sheila did.  <3  I wanted to do one in Plum, but will need to get some more yarn first. ;)    Hopefully soon I will have some FO's to post here. :)   The kids have school off today and so I hope to get a lot done (if not all of it!) on my Forest Flower Pullover, today... :D

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sue said...

you are most welcome tina! i don't know that your kitchen is red.. but now i do.. LOL.. i really love the colour .. the dishcloth ... it was my first attempt on dishcloth.. if you notice, it's a bit small than usual dishcloth.. i don't know about it until i google about dishcloth... anyway.. i'm so happy you like it... :D