Wednesday, February 09, 2011

I made a strawberry-banana smoothie last night, with the frozen strawberries I bought. Eon saved some of it "because it's too yummy". He put it in the freezer for tomorrow (today).  :P  I made mine with soy milk, since I'm lactose intolerant. It turned out a lot redder than the ones I made for everyone else. They were more pink.  It was yummy. And with no guilt, either. It's all fruit, soymilk, and a little bit of sugar. So I guess the sugar is fattening, (and there's fat in the soymilk), but...   A lot healthier than a Frappe or something else... 

I finished the bug! One down, two to go.  I have two more ideas. :D 

So you can see all the spots.. And the stripe.

I will have to take some better pictures. (Sigh) Before I post it on my pattern blog, that is....  I took this picture, so you can see how the spots are "3D".  :P  I crocheted it just like I had it all written up before. I used my love bugs' nose and antennae, though.   I think it's pretty cute. I never did make this version before, just the ladybug version. And, I think I am a lot better at crocheting now than I was then. I still am trying to figure out when it was that I made this. I know our oldest son was still little. I don't know if we just had him yet, or not...  I will have to figure this out. :P  I need to text my Mom, and ask her how old a friends' grandson is. Because the weekend I made this, we went up North to their house and she had her grandson with her. He was still only about 18 months or so then. (I think we left it at their house, too. That was a toy that got lost fast..)  Well stay tuned.  :)

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Sheila said...

Those are so cute. That smoothie looks delicious. I am a smoothie lover, but never tried it with milk. I use the protein mix with water and a few berries or strawberries in it. Mostly I use a mix of berry fruits and pomegranite/cranberry juice.