Monday, February 28, 2011

I Got Mail Again :~O

I got a big box from my friend in Colorado!! I was so surprised. I let Eon open it. :P   

Look at all the goodies she sent us. :D  <3  A basket, with all this in it. (I put magazines in the basket.) Three boxes of Cadbury's Caramel Eggs, Pirouline cookies, Sippah strawberry flavored straws (they flavor the milk), a bag of chocolates for Evan, a bag of Starbucks coffee beans (SOOOOO good!!), a little paper notebook, two sheets of stickers: Butterflies & Fishies (I gave the fishies to Eon).   She sent me two cards.. :P  I forgot to take a picture of those. (My family thinks I'm nuts anyway~~ "Why do you have to take a picture of everything?"  "So I can blog about something"..  lol

Two bags of goodies for Eli & Eon. Candies, and a little plastic fishtank you put water in and the thing inside it "grows". Eon's had fish, Eli's had a tiger.   Thanks Tash!!  <3

I had just pulled these out of the oven when the mailman (or woman?) knocked on the door with the box.  I was making tea to drink with my scone, but we made some of that awesome coffee instead.  :D    These are just raisin scones. I wish I had some lemon juice to have made some lemon curd, but...  Oh well.

I also managed somehow to crochet this dishcloth. Last Thursday in between helping with homework, dinner, eating, and then getting ready and going somewhere after dinner; I managed to get this finished..   It's CroJulee's Simply Sophisticated Shells Dishcloth. Now I am working on her Triangle Hotpad Pattern.  And patiently waiting for Tam's Granny Tissue Cover pattern, if she decides to post it....  :D     I am also working on finishing up my last Bed Bug in the whole Bed Bug "series" (??)  And working on my Ooowee Sweater (slowly..)  I got started doing all the rest of the bed bugs, then got distracted from my sweater for a while...  (Sigh)    Well I have bananas pulled out of the freezer to make muffins with and dishes to wash and a hotpad to crochet if there's still time.. :P    Oh, my husband "might" be back to work again. He went this morning (he left at 5:30 this morning) for an interview. It's almost 11 am and he still isn't back yet/hasn't texted me anything. So those are all good signs!! Woooo Hoo! He has been out of work since December. So~~ yay!!...

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Mimi said...

What a thoughtful gift package!
Nice dishcloth, I like the effect of the variegated yarn. Can't wait to see your next wearable project ;)