Sunday, February 06, 2011

More on Crepes...

Paula had left a comment asking what recipe I used for Crepes, sooo...  I thought I would blog about it. :P Here is a recipe similar (I think almost identical) to the Crepe recipe I used.  And, a video. This will show you how to roll the pan, so you can make the crepes..  (I would use the recipe I posted first, though...) This is the pan I used. Nothing special, as you can see..   I remember the first time I ever heard of, or tasted crepes;I was staying the night at my bf's house. She made some (her Mom let her cook stuff in the ,as long as she cleaned up her mess..), and they were SOOOO yummy.  I never did make them, til I had kids, though..          

                                                 Hope that helps!

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