Sunday, February 06, 2011

Dessert Quesadillas :P

Well I ended up making the Dessert Quesadillas the other night, and not Monkey Bread. ;P  If you are wondering what dessert quesadillas are...  They're crepes.  (It's what our youngest son thinks they are called... :p)  They aren't "hard" to make, similar to making pancakes; but I do them in a small pan..  I made them Thursday night.  We put blackberry jam in them, roll them up & sprinkle them w/ powdered sugar.  The next morning when I was trying to get Eon to eat something for breakfast, I went through the usual "What do you want for breakfast? Cereal?" "No.."  "Pancakes?" (I still had a couple in the freezer from last time they were made.) "No..." "Oatmeal?" "No" "Eggs?" "No"  "Come on, you have to eat something..."  I went to look in the fridge, and saw there were still some crepes left. (Bonus!) So, he ate crepes for breakfast...  And some applesauce which was the only other thing he wanted before I said crepes..   I had taken a picture of them Thursday night, but my little card wasn't in my camera. (Duh!) So... here are the actual crepes Eon had for breakfast Friday morning...  :P 
Look at the afghan my husband crocheted!!  lol..  He's so funny.  This is my 3SUB. I was working on it yesterday. I'm so close to having it done and I just want to finish it. I was reading Missy's blog and she had posted about her 3SUB. (Hers is looking great, btw...)  I thought "Oh, man...  I really need to finish mine.."  ;)  Since I am still sick, and yesterday I felt worse than ever...  I just sat on the couch and crocheted.  I did from the red part all the way up, yesterday. I'm * * this close to being done.  It's going to be humongous.  I kept putting it on my bed, to see how much more I had to do. Each time it seemed like it shrunk...  (Sigh.)  I figured at least 20 rows. And I did more than that.  I need to go make my bed, so I can see how much more I need to do now...    Then after that, I need to work on my husband's afghan... he keeps asking me if it's finished yet.  (I will probably finish it right in the middle of summer, with 115 temperatures, knowing me..)

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Paula said...

Recipe . . what dis the recipe for the crepes? I have tied and all of the recipes I've tried haven't turned out nice looking like yours.