Sunday, October 31, 2010

My First Towel Topper Ever.. :P

Well I started and finished this today. I started out with Mimi's tutorial. But decided I *had* to try making one like the two I bought.  I didn't get it exactly like it, but pretty close. The towel is also way too long. Oh well. It's my first time. :P  I think it's cute.

So much for the 5 day weekend being fun... Our 8 year old has a fever of 103. I hope it doesn't get any higher. :/  He says his throat hurts, too. Our 13 year old had something less than a week ago. 24 hours and it was gone.  He's still eating a little. He'll get up and try to play for a while then come and lay back down. I finally gave him some Tylenol. They say a fever is trying to fight an infection so you shouldn't give them Tylenol. But 103 is getting kind of high...  Going to Google some more..  Have a Nice Weekend Everyone.  :)


Paula said...

Have a nice weekend . . it's 11:00 pm here . . .LOLO

Do you cut your towels in half or use the complete towel? I have always wanted to make these but never have gotten around to it . . . Oh, I like your color choice. Normally one sees them in loud colors . . but yours is so soft :0}


Tina said...

Well, I should have cut some off at least. It hangs way down to the drawer. It was my first time doing this though. And it wasn't a whole towel.. Next time I will cut it. Thanks Paula. :~)

Vik said...

Very pretty, Tina!

Paula said...

I kep forgetting to ask you . . did you see my blog post on the towel toppers I made? Instead of crocheting directly on the towel, I did a blanket stitch across the top . . . SO EASY!

\0/ paula