Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ugly Blanket CAL

I joined another CAL. I know, like I *need* another project...  (sigh..)  (I might as well give up on that, eh?)  This is the 3SUB. I don't know where the pattern is, or what it all stands for. 3 Strands and I think the UB stands for Ugly Blanket. :P  I am using a huge crochet hook. I don't even know what size it is. It's one of those double ended hooks. I've had it forever.  I don't really have any "plans". I'm just changing one color each row. And  COLOR!!   The only thing is, I think I made it a leeeeetle bit too wide!...  :P

It's almost as wide as our couch. I hope this thing doesn't take forever to finish. I'm thinking it won't, with such a big hook & 3 strands of yarn..  It's a nice, braindead project to work on. No pattern repeats or counting. It's fun. :)  I haven't decided yet who it will be for.


Susan said...

WOW!!! Not THAT is big...:-)
Have fun!!!


Tina said...

Thanks Susan. I think I will be having "fun" for a long time.. ;P