Saturday, October 30, 2010

Thrift Store Finds

I went to the Thrift Store today. By myself (yay!!~~ Me time~~)  I'm always looking for cool coffee cups, cuz we seem to lose half of ours (I need to make a "Rule~ None of my nice coffee cups can go to work w/ the hubby"~ grr...). Or they get broken. I saw some pretty cool ones a few weeks ago, but I never got them. Now they are gone. (Of course.) I saw these today, and got them. Only a buck each. There's four. A whole "set". They don't match my white plates. But, I am okay with it. (I want a new set of plates anyway...Half of those were also broken.)

And two roosters for my kitchen. :D  I saw the white-ish one first. Picked it up, put it down. Walked around more. Saw the black tailed one... Picked it up...  Put it down. Ended up getting both of them. :P

And, I did the same thing with this cat. The cat towards the back is one I got a few weeks ago (same Thrift store).  I guess I'm collecting cats now.  ? I just thought they were cute. I was actually in line to pay, and I went back to get this cat. :P  I'm so incdecisive. :/  It would have been gone if I had gone back even tomorrow...

I didn't get these at the Thrift store. But I thought they were so cute. (And, I want to make one... :D)  I NEED an Edgerydoo!! I bought a towel a couple months ago to make Mimi's towel topper. Tried to poke holes in it myself. Did not work. :(    I got these at the "Local Yarn Store."


Paula said...

Have you tried "poking" with a steel hook . . .or an ice pick . . or a bamboo skewer? I'll bet the smallest steel hook you have would work great . . I know I am aalways sticking my steel hooks through clothing when I use them . .so a towel should be "stickable."

Susan said...

Nice Coffee Cups!!!


Mimi said...

Haha...those roosters and cats look happy in their new home. I'd pick the cat decors too, for sure ;)
Those towels look pretty...and your oven looks nice! I already got rid of my oven range, since its not working well anymore after almost two decades of use, and used up much electricity.

Tina said...

Hi Paula, Susan, and Mimi. :) Paula, I am going to try either a tool I bought to poke through hard surfaces (?? can't remember the name of it ??), or the tiny steel hooks. I looked at an Edgerydoo online; and all it is is what looks like the same tool I already have, and the template to space the holes... :/