Monday, October 25, 2010

Ugly Blanket Progress & Blueberries.. :P

Well just so you all know I am still here... :P This is my progess so far. After I finished Gary, I don't want to work on anything much lately... (On a side note, I wish I never posted a picture of him & Spongebob on FB~ Now everyone is asking me to make them one. Ugh!!...)  The only thing I want to work on is my Ugly Blanket.

I was just curious, how big this thing is. So I put it on our bed. (The Ugly Blanket, on my Ugly Comforter :P) It hangs down even farther than our comforter!! :0  I don't know if I will have it go vertical or horizontal. I guess I'll have to see how long it is on a twin bed. I still don't know who it will be for. It doesn't "go" in any part of my house, that's for sure. Except maybe in one of the kids' rooms. 

And here is the "Blueberries" I was talking about..  Blueberry Stuffed French Toast. I made this for breakfast Sunday morning. It was soooo yummy. But, it made me so sick, all day. (I am violently lactose intolerant. And there's two 8 oz. pckgs of cream cheese in this.. Plus, a dozen eggs. My stomach doesn't handle eggs very well, either.) It was yummy, though.  I accidentally got blackberries for the filling. (There is also a Blueberry Sauce you make~ for the syrup. Which, you can obviously see in the picture... :P) It still turned out good. My sister made this for us, when I went to Michigan a couple years ago. I got the recipe from her.  :D    I gave each of the hamsters a blackberry today, from the bottom of the pan. They all loved them.   I cleaned out three hamster cages today. (Uuuuugh!! Don't ask me why, when they are supposed to be the kids' pets?... Okay, I'll tell you, because they STINK!)  And, the two I cleaned out (the third I just "helped" the 8 yr old~ cuz I am making him start taking care of his hamsters by himself~ But, the cages is/are a little big/heavy for him to carry and lift up to the dumpster.) Anyway, the two I cleaned out weren't just glass aquariums, they are "Super Critter" cages, with all kinds of tubes and wheels and compartments and SUCH a pain to put back together (they were both given to us). The fourth hamster cage is an aquarium, and our 13 yr old just cleaned it out this week.  I tried luring the hamsters out with the blackberries. But it didn't work with Wickett (he is the most skittish of them all).  I did a lot today, I can't believe I'm not in bed right now. Especially when the kids went to bed a half an hour early (what's up with that?) You probably don't want to hear a boring, detailed account of my busy day, though.. :P    Well, til next time~~ Happy Monday.  Lol


Mimi said...

Just curious why its called Ugly Blanket...yours is more of a Rainbow blanket ;)
The blueberry toast might be too sweet too, aside from being heavy with the cream cheese and eggs. I'm also very careful in eating eggs and milk products...makes me sick in the stomach all day - because of the heavy combination of carbs and protein. A toast with only the eggyolk and no white, works much better for me.
As for the hamsters, I know the stinking smell and its not fun cleaning the cages - that's why we had them only for several months :p

Vik said...

Me too! Like Mimi I wonder why the name Ugly Blanket? I like it, like a Rainbow!

Tina said...

I'm not sure why it's called an Ugly Blanket. :P That's the name of the CAL. Thank you Mimi & Vik. :D

Mimi, usually for breakfast I eat oatmeal. It's the only thing that doesn't make my stomach hurt.

Melissa said...

lol 3SUB stands for 3 strand ugly blanket. The idea is to use scraps or three random colors and not plan it pick a stitch and have at it. The colors combinations in the blanket are endless and usually it comes out kind of odd lookinng. Hence Ugly blanket. But it's not really ugly. lol